Mastering the Art of Yahoo! Submission

Jan 2


Alison Berke Morano

Alison Berke Morano

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The first paragraph of this article provides a concise summary of its content. Gaining a spot in Yahoo!'s directory is a significant achievement for any website. Yahoo! has been a dominant force in the search engine landscape since its inception. However, over time, it has become increasingly challenging to get your website listed in this internet directory. This article provides valuable tips and guidelines to help you navigate this process successfully.

The Unique Nature of Yahoo!'s Directory

Yahoo! stands out from other search engines due to its meticulous approach to adding websites to its directory. Unlike search engines that use 'robots' to scan and add websites to their vast lists,Mastering the Art of Yahoo! Submission Articles Yahoo! reviews each site individually. This manual process allows Yahoo! to be highly selective, ensuring only the most relevant and high-quality websites make it into the directory.

Tips for Successful Submission

Here are some recommendations to increase your chances of getting listed:

  • Understand Yahoo!'s Business Model: Yahoo! charges a $199 review fee. Paying this fee guarantees a review of your site within seven days but does not guarantee inclusion in the directory. However, if your site is well-prepared and relevant, it should have a good chance of being accepted. Sites that are incomplete, unfinished, or of questionable nature are less likely to be accepted.

    Note: Yahoo! no longer lists websites in its main top-level categories without the $199 submission fee. However, you can still submit to Regional/local Categories the traditional way.

  • Choose the Right Category: Conduct thorough research to find the most suitable category for your website. Look at similar sites and see where they are listed.

  • Complete Your Site: Your site must be fully functional with no "Under Construction" signs or "Stay Tuned" notices.

  • Fill Out the Form Completely: Provide all the required contact information and any other relevant details.

  • Include Your Address: Your address should be visible somewhere on your website.

  • Provide Comments/Suggestions: Use the Comments/Suggestions section at the end of the form to share your thoughts about your website.

  • Use Keywords: Incorporate as many relevant keywords as you can in your title and description.

Submitting Without Paying the Fee

If you prefer not to pay the $199 fee, you can submit your site through the Regional/Local categories. Follow the same guidelines as above, but make sure to choose a category that includes your company's hometown or city.

General Submission Tips

While the categories are not always listed alphabetically, the sites within the categories are. Therefore, consider a title that starts with a low letter (like A or B). However, ensure your title accurately represents your site. Avoid using promotional language in your title or description, as this can lead to rejection.

The tips provided in this article have proven to be effective and should help you in your quest to get listed on Yahoo!. For more information about marketing services, please contact us at:

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