USearchMe Review – The New Solution For All Of Your Search Engine Needs?

Jul 12


Angela Daniels

Angela Daniels

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A look an newer, better(?), search engine solutions.

Stumbling across USearchMe is an interesting experience.  Differing slightly from your standard Yahoo, USearchMe Review – The New Solution For All Of Your Search Engine Needs? Articles Bing, and Google interfaces, it certainly demands at least some attention.  In this article I'm going to go over the pros and cons of using an independent search service such as UsearchMe, and explore some of the features offered.    One of the first things you will notice upon landing on “USearchMe” is that it isn't quite as plain as when you use some of the more prominent search engines.  You'll likely notice that there's a lot of text down at the bottom.  Unfortunately, many of us busybodies would like to say we don't have the time to read through such things, but the text provided here will change your opinion on the capabilities and customization levels of search engines, so pay attention!    The first cool feature I'd like to go over is that of accessing multiple search engines from one page.  With USearchMe, you can access either Bing, Yahoo, or Google search results or a metaranking option which combines these into one!  Also, you'll immediately notice that the results you receive back are extremely detailed.  You'll be presented with a thumbnail image of each website before you even click on it, along with the usual title and description.  Furthermore, you can also click “quickview” to see the website within the search results page so you don't even have to visit it.    A “social search engine”?  You bet!  When using USearchMe, results will have a “comments” tab next to every listing.  This allows users of the search engine to leave feedback on each site such as if it was helpful, useless, or potentially dangerous to your computer.  Registering here also let's you customize your search results and homepage settings even further.    Last but certainly not least is the diversified criteria with which you can surf.  One visiting UsearchMe's homepage will notice that there are 5 tabs above your search bar.  They are news, images, web, local, and audio.  Each of these will bring up a unique set of results based on what you enter.  For example, the local feature (one of my personal favorites) will allow you to put in a restaurant type or a service you need done.  Then, it will shoot you back the names, locations, and phone numbers of local businesses or services in your area that can fulfill your needs...  How cool is THAT?    If you're ready to save time and energy by getting super-charged and customized search results it's definitely time to check on some alternative search engines like USearchMe.Find EVERYTHING you need in a search engine at USearchMe.