A NEW View Of You: ACCEPT Your Truth, And Start Doing What You Know You Must!

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Denying and/or avoiding your truth ensures you'll KEEP getting more of what you DON'T want. How can you comfortably acknowledge where you're at right NOW, so you can then get motivated to DO something about it? This article lays it out for you...so you start purposefully dealing with reality, instead of continuing to avoid it!

"Oh,Guest Posting uhh, this outfit I bought a few weeks ago feels very tight 'all of the sudden'; it's nothing --probably just some temporary bloating."

"Oh -- I'll just wear a little larger size for a while, in darker colors, and accessorize so it's as if no one will notice, and I'll look as I always have. Gee, ya know, even the mirror is deceiving me lately. Hey, it's alright, I'm still the way I've always been, and this weight increase is a temporary thing...yeah; it's just a temporary thing."

Well, well, well...let's see here. Let's have you choose one from the following "what I'm really doing" factors regarding the above person's state of mind:

A.) She really is just going through a temporary weight increase, that will, of course, miraculously reverse itself.

B.) She sees a change in her outer self, but because she still sees her inner self in a positive, sparkling way, the inner will "automatically" rectify the outer.

C.) She's denying she's gotten fat, and is using every possible justification/ rationalization in the book to avoid having to accept and deal with the now of her life.

Ahh...C.) you say. Hey -- you're right!

Look, you can either put on rose colored glasses and see only what you want to see. Or, you can choose to look through the eyes of truth and see truly what is.

Don't beat yourself up because you've slipped. No--acknowledge it, determine to do something about it, and then do it -- until you've accomplished the change and/or improvement you've set out to.

Remember, you're not an ostrich who can just stick your head in the sand and play make believe. You're a capable, creative, intelligent person who can literally strengthen her self respect and self esteem through being honest with yourself, and then taking targeted measures to either re-establish or recreate the context you want.

It's always your choice; you can either window dress, sugar coat or deny. Or, you can say "OK, here's my truth," and then learn how wonderful you are through acting to change or improve.

The former choice will ensure fear, ignorance and despair continue administering their self debasing, indeed, self constricting hold upon you. The latter choice will ensure you find parts of yourself you never before knew. Yes, parts which will serve to enrich and empower you immeasurably.

Remember: Once you acknowledge what IS...you can then begin freely moving ahead toward the what CAN be!

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