How to use a selfie stick to take pictures

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What’re currently the most popular phone accessories? Definitely, mobile phones cases,some may disagree and switch to selfie stick. Without a doubt,selfie stick allows us to enjoy the shooting everywhere and do not beg others to help us take pictures any more,that’s why it is so popular.Accordingly,there are kinds of selfie sticks available flooding on the market. So how to use a selfie stick to take a picture? Just follow onu-mall.

Step one: open the box and check the accessories (accessories include: Bluetooth Selfie stick1,Guest Posting L-type mobile phone clip , USB charging cable 1, the product description card 1).

Step two: install the phone holder, tighten the lateral screw button. Some users always do not twist tightly, it may be because you screw the mobile phone clip instead of spiral button.

Step three: Install the phone, adjust the angle of the phone and tighten the screw button. How to adjust the angle depends on how to take a picture, spiral button must be tightened to prevent the phone from accidentally drop .

Step four: Turn on self stick. Press the power button for 2 seconds, make sure the green LED lights up for one second and then turns off,.

Step five: matching Bluetooth. Press the camera button for 2 seconds until the green LED lights is flashing for the self-shot pairing mode. Then open the Bluetooth, do not click the Bluetooth device for the pairing unless you searched nearby Bluetooth devices selfie signal. Wait for eight seconds, the green LED lights lit, the pairing is successful.

Step six how to manually adjust the telescopic rod length depends on where you are and how many you would like to take in the pictures,just click the camera button.

Step seven: timely shutdown in case of electrical run out. Press the power button for 3 seconds, the green LED light flashes rapidly for 2 times, the shutdown is complete.

Step 8: it can be charged by using USB cable connected to computer or power strip. Make sure the red LED lights lit constantly when charged, two hours is usually enough.


It should be noted that most of selfie stick with sleep function will automatically enter the sleep state without using it for 5 minutes. Just press the camera button to wake up and automatically connect the phone. When the phone Bluetooth is disconnected with selfie stick’s Bluetooth, press the camera button to automatically connect.

Since Android is an open source system, individual phone camera software do not support the selfie stick, you can manually download a photo software.

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