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Getting yourself doing the right actions everyday. To the point where there's nothing else but success

Everyday in every way I'm getting stronger and stronger YES. Everyday in every way I'm getting stronger an stronger YES.

Saying incantations everyday,Guest Posting right when you wake up. Will bring your life a new experience, that will enhance your life.

I've been doing it for about a month now, and I feel amazing and at peace with my surroundings.

It's amazing because I remember a time when my thoughts would be racing. I wasn't in control of my thoughts. I had one negative thought after another, and didn't know where up and down was with my thoughts.

I started to study how the brain worked, I'm not sure exactly how I got into it. But I hit a low and asked the universe to present me with the solution, I guess subconsciously. Then out of know where it appeared.

I've been studying the mind everyday now. Reading about it, then writing about it, and even listening to audio about it. I'm gaining a great understanding of things, and how the mind works.

Every morning I wake up, and go for an hour walk. As soon as I wake up I read my goals and start to walk. As I walk I repeat in my mind, Everyday in every way I'm getting stronger and stronger yes.

As I repeat this, I step with my feet, with every word I say. To keep me even more on track with this I breath and tap my fingers.

Breathing in 4 times through your nose and out 4 times through your mouth. This is proven to be the best way to breath, and is perfect for this exercise. I'll explain why shortly.

While breathing tap your fingers from your index finger to your little finger, with your thumb. Then from your little finger to your index. Doing this with each breath you take. 4 in 4 out.

It's perfect because while your doing this it goes well with the words, that you say. "Everyday in every way I'm getting stronger in stronger YES". It flows into it smoothly. Taping your finger while stepping with your foot on every tap, and following the breath, and repeating the incantation.

I do this every morning and also add in, what I'm grateful for, and surround myself with abundance. And if you really want to make an impact, start to say the inaction out loud.

I'm grateful to have found this technique and I honestly would have never found it, if it wasn't for the program I'm in.

This program is dramatically changing my life and I'm very grateful for it. It pushes me out of my comfort zone and shows me what it takes to be successful online.

I have great mentors all around me and I'm very grateful.

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I'll see you on the other side,

Jonathan Bejba

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