Reach a State Of Achieving Success

Jun 12


Jonathan Bejba

Jonathan Bejba

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Get your mind in a state of success. Command to the universe to grant you your success.

Getting yourself in a state of mind. Getting yourself so much involved in a state of mind that it transforms you and your performance. Remember a time when you were completely focused and you just knew you could accomplish something? Nothing could stop you and you were going to achieve this out come.

You focus was on another level and you were determined that you were going to achieve success. You were in a state of flow. Imagine if you could do that any time your desire. To put it towards something that will help you in you business.

To go into a learning state and get the most out of your leaders and mentors. You know that if you were able to focus more you'd be able to retain more. Do you notice if you ever read a book you love to read twice or see something again,Reach a State Of Achieving Success Articles you notice you recognize things you didn't see before. You learn new things. There can be something your missing because you're not giving enough focus towards your goal.

To get this, you must harness the feelings and get use to them. You do this and you'll be able to command it at any time. The more you go and relate to these feelings you will reach a state of flow, of faith, focus, and ready to learn.

First you must have faith. Pick an image of a symbol, that represents faith to you. It can be a bible, or anything that you think it should be. Close your eyes and let this image become clear to you. As you focus on this let grow bigger and brighter, at the same time you enlarge the image you enlarge the emotion, the feeling. Let it get bigger, brighter, hold that feeling of faith.

Good, now we're going to get focused. Remember a time when you were completely focused. You saw nothing but your goal in-front of you. Nothing was going to stop you from achieving this goal. Now put a symbol towards that focus. Close your eyes and let it get bigger, brighter. At the same time, let you emotion, feeling of focus become clearer, as you enlarge the image. Bigger, brighter, hold that feeling.

Great you can do this for how long you desire, to get familiar with the feeling. Now for state of learning. What happens is that we reach a state of learning when we are concentrated towards what somebody is saying. This happens when your eyes are soft. You can do this by extending your hands on your side. If you're able to see them with your prereferral vision while still looking in-front of you, your eyes are soft. Allow yourself to be in a learning state. Now form a symbol for this state, it can be anything again. For me it's hands open in-front of me, as I am accepting the information that is being given to me.

Once you have the symbol, close your eyes. Make it the symbol bigger, brighter. As you do this make the feeling get bigger, brighter. Get familiar with this feeling, harness it.

Now that you have these feelings, there's one more thing you must do. What's your desired outcome, what's your goal? Put an image to it. Close your eyes, and make this image bigger, brighter, see it grow. As your doing this, I want you to bring in all your feelings of faith. Bring in focus. Let your learning state come together. Make this image bigger,brighter, and at the same time make these feelings come together. Bigger, brighter. Keep this feeling inside. Now open your eyes. Now you can begin your day ready to receive the necessary tasked to achieve success.

Do this everyday and you'll see great changes in your life. You'll be able to do it without doing the exercise and already be in the state of learning.

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