Taking a Lооk аt The Law of Attraction!

Jan 14


Diana Reid

Diana Reid

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Many people stumble upon the Law of Attraction because of financial hardships. Most of us intuitively know that there is something deep inside of us t...


Many people stumble upon the Law of Attraction because of financial hardships. Most of us intuitively know that there is something deep inside of us that plays a big role in the financial path our lives take.

It might be difficult to acknowledge,Taking a Lооk аt The Law of Attraction! Articles but for better or worse you've manifested your financial situation through one of the Laws of the Universe: the Law of Attraction.

One might ridicule this very idea and argue that the scarcity or financial hardship has been caused by events that were beyond your control but one should remember that abundance of wealth is only a manifestation of our inner thought processes and desires.

This also explains why when individuals try to manipulate the Law of Attraction to attract wealth, they usually fail.

You may wonder about the fact that though the law of attraction is said to be a universal law of nature, at doesn't work the way we think it should do.

Problems come up when we try to manipulate it and don't understand it properly.

Even though the Law of Attraction gained a great deal of attention in the past few years, largely because of the popularity of The Secret, this has been a pillar of the universe since ancient times. It is the core of several belief systems and has been the basis for many esoteric teachings.

So you cannot just dismiss this law as being a 'new age fad'. You must not abandon it just because it does not seem to work first time. If it does not work you have not yet mastered its essence.

Moreover, many people also experience the reverse. Instead of any improvement in their financial conditions, what they experience is more of a nosedive of the same.

If that happens to you, don't give up. This is actually a very important message for you about the Law of Attraction itself. In other words, you can't simply think, 'Okay; I'll use the Law of Attraction and simply magically attract abundance into my life,' and than try techniques like affirmations to try to focus your attention. By forcing yourself to do this, you completely miss the point about the Law of Attraction.

Basically the law of attraction works with the vibrations you generate. this is the signal which gets received by the universal energies. So there is no point in merely saying your affirmations each day - you have to feel them.

The vibes of-"I feel depressed and poor" just encourages the universe to send you more of the same, so things just get worse for you.


Many people find this to be a Catch-22. To paraphrase Wikipedia, a Catch-22 is a situation where a person needs something but it can only be obtained by not being in need of it. This difficulty might seem impossible to overcome, but if you learn a few techniques you'll be able to purposefully use the Law of Attraction to your advantage and improve your financial situation.


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