The Top 6 Missing Beliefs of EFT

Feb 19


Andrew Wilkie

Andrew Wilkie

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Are you missing these key EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) beliefs and ideas?

Are your questions and beliefs about EFT holding you back?

When you're new to EFT,The Top 6 Missing Beliefs of EFT Articles everybody else seems to have the answers and know what to tap on. You just seem to be struggling, like a duck out of water.

All you need to do is think about, answer these questions and think about these statements.  You can say the answers out loud or just by thinking them over you'll shift up a gear or 3.

What are these hidden questions and beliefs?

1.Which one question could I ask, by its very nature would allow this problem is disappear?

As you tap, I find it often useful to ask myself, what is the one question I could ask which would allow this problem to disappear forever.

2.You are always more than you think you are.

This goes without saying. Yet, if you allow this belief to permeate all that you do. You will constantly keep growing, developing and getting more out of your EFT and life.

3.The Most Power Word You're Not Using in EFT

Every problem, every decision, goal or in fact anything has 2 sides to it.
Having it, NOT having it.  Just by adding the word NOT or leaving it out from your EFT statements and rounds of tapping can have a traumatic effect on your success with EFT.

4.How Can I Create My Own Powerful Positive Statements?

Just by thinking how can I create my own powerful positive statements, you'll naturally head in that direction.  By asking this question, you'll begin to come up with your own positive powerful EFT statements

5.EFT Always Works

How much of this is EFT, how much of this is belief? I don't know. Yet, all I do know is that if you belief EFT always works. You'll always get a result from it, even when you're stuck.

6.The Simplest Way to Get Ahead in EFT

This is really simple, yet often overlooked. USE IT! Use it on yourself. Use it on others. Use it for others. If you notice somebody you could do with some EFT. Pretend you are them. If you notice them having a challenge, you also have that challenge on some level.


Holding onto these 6 ideas may just change you and your success with EFT in more ways than you can imagine. Are you ready to change your life?

Isn't about time you lived your life the way you wanted to?

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