What You Need to Know About Pepper Spray

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This article provides information on what pepper spray actually does to an attacker and the best way to use pepper spray.  

Protection technology companies offer a wide range of pepper spray options. A few of these options include: Mace Pepper Spray 10%,Guest Posting Pepper shot 10%, Lip Stick Pepper Spray, Wildfire 18%, Pepper Mace Batons, Mace Pepper Gun and Pepper Foam and Pepper Gel. The following article discusses general, functional and legal aspects of pepper spray and its use. 

There are a couple of things you should know if you’re planning to get yourself pepper spray for self-defense purposes. This article provides information on what pepper spray actually does to an attacker, legal aspects associated with pepper spray, the best way to use pepper spray and how to test whether or not your pepper spray is still effective past as time passes by.  

Effects of pepper spray:

The minute that pepper spray comes in to contact with a person's skin, eyes or lungs it causes a strong irritation often causing the individual who comes in to contact with it to choke or cough due to the irritation. On some occasions and depending on the type of pepper spray used, this self-defense product not only causes irritation but pain as well. Typically, mace pepper spray is irritating enough to an attacker to momentarily distract them from causing you harm; as such serving its purpose and allowing its user to get away. Most pepper sprays available on the market generally take 10 minutes to one hour blinding effect on the people it is used on.  

Pepper spray and the law: 

This self-defense product is a favorite among many because of its non lethal self-defense properties. Unlike other self defense products, pepper spray including the strong pepper spray category (e.g. Wildfire 18%) are extremely effective products that do not cause any long term harm on individuals they are used on. Though this many be the case, there are still quite a number of States, Cities and Countries that restrict their use. As such it is important to consult local law enforcement agencies in your area to find out whether or not there are any restrictions on pepper spray and its use.  It is also important to keep in mind that though pepper spray may be legal to use in your particular State, City or country there are certain restrictions to its use in certain areas (e.g. commercial planes).

Best way to use pepper spray:

When using pepper spray for self-defense purposes (the only reason it should be used for) it is important to ensure you are at an appropriate distance away from your attacker so as to minimize blow-back. In addition to being at an appropriate distance away, pepper spray should be aimed at an attacker’s face and eyes prior to release. Once the attacker has been hit with the spray it is recommend that the user step back and view their reaction so as to determine whether or not more should be used. As soon as the effects take way it gives users the opportunity to get away from their attackers and contact the appropriate authorities.   

Testing your pepper spray:

Pepper spray generally has a shelf life period of 3 to 4 years before it expires, though some brands expire much faster. However, even though it takes time for pepper spray to expire, this self-defense product loses its potency as time goes by. Most pepper spray manufactures list down how and when to test or replace pepper spray.

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