You Don't Need Talent To Be Successful

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Research has discovered the secret to successful people lies not in their innate talents. Read how you can become the success you want to be.

I read an article recently where researchers have shown that you don't need to have an innate talent in order to be successful. Okay,Guest Posting something probably relatively all of us have heard before. But there's more to it than that. In fact, it turns out relatively all of the great successes in the world did NOT have any innate talent. They became successful at their chosen profession by hard work, practice and long hours. It's not a matter of just "putting in the time". They did it by focusing their hours of work on what is called "deliberate practice".  It means an activity that's explicitly intended to improve performance, that reaches for objectives just beyond one's level of competence, provides feedback on results and involves high levels of repetition. 

Wow - that's a mouthful! It's what separates the "greats" from the "not-so-greats".  Actually, it usually takes around ten years of this "deliberate practice" before "greatness" or "success" is accomplished. Even though we now know that we don't necessarily have to have an innate talent to succeed, how can we develop the persistence and focus it requires to go through years of "deliberate practice"?

That's where purpose and passion come in. Every strong life must have a great master destination which takes precedence over all other motives. The person with a vigorous destination is a positive, constructive, creative force. No one can be resourceful, inventive, original or creative without strong concentration; and the whole focusing of the mind is only possible along the line of ambition, the life purpose. We cannot focus the mind upon a thing we are not interested in and enthusiastic about.

Are you a wisher or a doer? There's a big difference in success levels between the two. Do you go to work everyday liking your job well enough but thinking there must be something better out there? That's hardly doing your life's passion, is it?

There is great strength in a resolution that has no reservation in it — a strong, persistent, tenacious purpose which burns all bridges behind it, clears all obstacles from its path, and arrives at its goal, no matter how long it may take, no matter what the sacrifice or the cost.

The inspiration of a great, positive destination transforms the life. When the awakening strength of a new destination is born in a man, he is a new creature. He sees everything in a new light. The doubts, the fears, the apathy, the vicious temptations which dogged his steps only yesterday, the stagnation which had blighted his past life, all vanish as if by magic. They are dispelled by the breath of a new purpose.

Do you remember the high of first being in love? Just last week, the world was a lousy place to live, yet today it all seems so beautiful. Grab on to that feeling. That is what you need to feel to have your life's passion. Many times, an inspiration will come to us, but because it is not a convenient time, we do nothing about it. The idea or thought remains for a while, but gradually fades away as we do nothing about it. The postponing habit will kill the strongest initiative. Too much caution and lack of confidence are fatal enemies of initiative. It is much easier to actually do something about the inspiration or thought while the passion for it is strong. Next time you have a "divine" inspiration (and you will), do something about it! Drop everything and at least write it down.

Remember at the beginning of this article, I pointed out that relatively all of the successful people in the world got there from 'deliberate" practice over years of time? Here's some examples:

Tiger Woods - many say his "natural talent" for golf makes it look effortless. But he started playing at 18 months and had 15 years of practice before he won his first major tournament.

Michael Jordan - if his "talent" for basketball was so innate, why did he get cut from his high school basketball team?

Jerry Rice - one of the all-time great football receivers, was passed up by 15 teams because he was considered too slow.

Now that you feel inspired and you know that you can accomplish anything without a "God-given" talent, where do you go from here? It's not enough to merely desire something or "wish" you could do it. You must say, "I am going to prepare myself for the great life work. I have faith in my future. I have made a vow to succeed and I am going to do so with a plan of action."

There are extensive tools and resources to help you with your plan. Keep reading and learning! One amazing tool I have found that helps you create, focus and attain your goals doesn't cost a dime! Read below for more information.

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