Erectile Dysfunction in Young Men: Causes and Treatments.

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Erectile dysfunction in young men: Top Tips To Avoid Erectile Dysfunction. What Causes Erectile Dysfunction in Young Men? Causes and treatment advice.

Erectile dysfunction - is poor circulation in the blood vessels of the penis,Guest Posting which leads to the inability to perform sexual intercourse. Very often, this concept is replaced with the term "impotence", but impotence has broader designation and except erectile dysfunction includes decrease in a libido, inability of fertilization. The term "erectile dysfunction" is used when the man has no erection.

Erectile dysfunction may occur in men at any age, and it causes at more mature age may be somatic diseases - diabetes, hypertension.

Erectile dysfunction in young age in our time is rather common problem. The question is in what age for lack of an erection to consider young at men if ideally the man has to keep a potency to old age? As time of the greatest sexual activity is considered to be age till 35 years, lack of an erection at this and earlier age is considered to be as early impotence.

What are the symptoms of erectile dysfunction at a young age and not only:• Lack of erection for commission sexual intercourse.• The loss of erection during sexual intercourse.• The lack of an erection.

Causes of impotence at a young age, 30 years, 40 and 50 after

Causes of impotence may be psychogenic or organic character. Psychogenic causes - stress, depression, organic - related disturbances in the body. They are characterized not only to young men, but also for the more mature generation.

As a rule, early impotence the psychological reasons prevail, develops psychogenic impotence in the form of complex, uncertainty in own abilities, especially at unsuccessful experience before.

The impotence reasons at men after 50 are related, as a rule, with violations in work of an organism – atherosclerosis, diabetes, prostatitis, a stroke, Alzheimer's disease, the effects of bad habits. Owing to diseases the condition of walls of vessels, in particular vessels of genitals worsens. Blood supply to the penis is getting worse, violated the metabolic processes in its tissues.

Most often causes impotence in young age are:• Long sexual abstinence.• Irregular sex life or late beginning of sex life.• Unsuccessful first sexual experience.

Causes of impotence in 30 years in the absence of associated diseases, as a rule, to the lack of normal sexual life, which can lead to stagnation in the pelvic area, poor circulation and microcirculation, metabolic disorders. These processes entail progression of erectile dysfunction. Causes of impotence in 40 years at men, as a rule, are mixed. To this age there are system diseases which are supported with psychological factors – stresses at work, a nerve strain.


In the treatment of erectile dysfunction, you must first identify the cause of a violation: if the cause of a psychological nature - to see a psychologist, if the cause of somatic disorders - cure the underlying disease, which blocks the erectile function. It is necessary to watch over the psychological and physical health, and then the problem of impotence won't arise. And if the problem is still there, do not be afraid to consult a specialist. Today the modern medicine offers the mass of means for treatment of erectile dysfunction – tablets, injections, vacuum therapy.

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