How To Flirt And Be Intimate With A Man

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The modern woman has to know how to flirt and be intimate with a man. A long time ago such an idea would have been frowned upon but now in the year 2011 the total opposite is the truth. To say that a woman cannot be flirtatious with a man is to try to turn back the clock. Women can do anything men can do and that is also true when it comes to matters of the heart. But one thing is true,Guest Posting due to the fact that socially a woman that can take the reins or the lead in the dating game is something fairly new, the ladies do not have the practice that the guys do. How to flirt and be intimate with a man can be learned.Use your sense of touch:Many people dismiss the sense of touch because they see men as visual beings. It is true that most men are visual creatures but the whole intention of the dating game is the touch. That is not to say that you should go to a bar and grope the first guy that you see. You should be alert to where he is and once in a date a little brush on his neck or the back of his ears will go a long way. You may think that touching those spots is going too far, but it isn’t. You are a woman and they should hear you roar.Use his sense of smell:If you are going to learn how to flirt and seduce a man you have to not use only your own senses but also use his. The sense of smell is powerful. Unfortunately many times you can walk to a bar and as soon as you get close to a person all you can smell is a strong perfume; that is not good and it does not matter what perfume you are wearing. If your perfume overpowers everything else you will not accomplish your goals. Perfume must be delicate; it must be noticeable, but not overpowering. If you use a little perfume on your wrists and neck you are good to go. Also try to pick scents that are soft and not too spicy.Your eyes are the window to your soul:When you learn how to flirt and seduce a man you realize that whoever said that the eyes are the window to the soul was a genius. Your eyes can be hypnotizing and despite popular belief are the two things in your body that he looks at the most. Use them to your advantage. Eyes are sexy and it does not matter the color, size or even if you wear glasses. Eyes can speak louder than words. One look can tell a man all that he needs to know, and when accompanied by a smile they can be a deadly combination that no one will resist. Look at yourself in the mirror and practice your look and you will know how to flirt and seduce a man.

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