How To Talk Dirty To a Guy - 7 Simple Steps

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Talking dirty to your guy doesn't have to be hard or uncomfortable. Just follow the 7 simple steps of dirty talk and you'll be chatting away to him as he slowly explodes with desire for you.

So you want to talk dirty to a guy but aren't sure where to start? Look no further than this short tips guide on how to talk dirty to a guy and how to become a better dirty talker. Remember,Guest Posting the more you practice the better you get. So study these tips and practice them regularly. You man will adore you for it!

1. Find a Voice
This can be your dirty talk voice. Some people, particularly women, prefer to experiment in different voices. This may be to hide your true voice or simply to sound more sexy. Whatever the reason, make that voice sound raunchy to drive the guy wild!

2. Do It Alone
You can talk dirty when on your own. You can also talk dirty to yourself in front of a guy. This can be a good time to touch yourself and this will absolutely turn him on and virtually force him to join in with you!

3. Expose Your Inner Thoughts
If you have anything to say, then say it. This is not a time to hold back! A guy will love to hear your honesty so even if it means telling him how hot and sexy he is, do it!

4. Tell Him Your Fantasies
Everyone has fantasies and when you are talking dirty you want to let the guy know about them. Tell him what you desire for him to do to you, and what you wish to do to him. You may desire a third person or various positions. Whichever it is, make it known to him through your dirty talking ways.

5. Its How You Say It
Remember it's not just what you say but how it is said. Speaking in a raunchy tone can transform a mediocre sentence into an all out orgasmic one, for both you and him!

6. Descriptions
Graphic descriptions are what make dirty talk so exciting. Be as descriptive as you can about everything from body parts to actions to feelings. This is a time to use adjectives (describing words) to their fullest.

7. A Mix of the Senses
It's not just about words, dirty talk can also involve smells, sounds and touch. Involving all your senses heightens the experience and makes it more memorable.

Talking dirty to your boyfriend, husband or the guy you just met is extremely exciting, naughty and enticing for both people. Make a habit of talking dirty with him whenever you can and he'll love to join in too.

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