Male Organ Health Matters - Nine Male Organ Nutrients a Man Needs Every Day

Aug 9


John Dugan

John Dugan

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Though most men are unaware, there are several important nutrients that have male organ-boosting properties.  Learn about the 9 male organ-specific nutrients every man needs every day to maintain his equipment.


Everyone knows the keys to long-term health are eating right,Male Organ Health Matters - Nine Male Organ Nutrients a Man Needs Every Day Articles exercising, and getting the daily recommended intake of essential vitamins and nutrients. Most men believe that if they follow the basic health rules, the entire body – male organ included – will be taken care of.  While it’s true that what is good for the body is good for the male organ, there are a few things a man can do to ensure he maintains proper male organ health for the long haul. Learn what 9 essential vitamins and nutrients the male organ needs today to start the journey to a healthier male organ and reproductive health.

9 Nutrients for a healthy male organ

There is so much more a man can be doing for his male organ than a quick rinse in the shower every morning. One of the best ways for a man to keep his unit running at peak performance is to nourish it with a blend of all natural ingredients.  Here are 9 essential nutrients that can improve the health and appearance of the male organ.

1)     Vitamin A: Vitamin A is known first and foremost for its antibacterial property.  In the moist, hot darkness of an area known for the sun not shining there, bacteria can thrive and even cause unpleasant and embarrassing male odors. Vitamin A can help fight the odor causing bacteria and keep the manhood fresh and healthy.

2)     Vitamin B5:  Crucial for cell metabolism; vitamin B5 is important for maintaining the functioning of the male organ. A good dose of B5 can help the male organ healthy and functioning, while giving the body a boost of much needed energy.

3)     Vitamin C:  Vitamin C may not be thought of as a male organ helper, but in reality it boosts collagen production, and increases firmness of the male tissue.  Vitamin C is important to a man’s reproductive functioning and may even improve the quality of his tumescence.

4)     Vitamin D: Vitamin D has immune functioning properties and is proven effective at fighting diseases and improving cell to functionality.  Seems vitamin D is good for healthy bones and boners.

5)     Vitamin E:  Vitamin E tends to be touted for its skin care properties – and one would be hard pressed to find a quality skin product without it –vitamin E is a rich moisturizer that protects and heals red, cracked, itchy and irritated male organ skin. This intense hydration can make the male organ look and feel better with regular use.

6)     Shea Butter:  Shea butter is another magic skin care ingredient, which is commonly paired with vitamin E in skin care products.  Shea butter deeply hydrates and rejuvenates skin at the cellular level. Shea helps the male organ retain moisture and keep a smooth, supple appearance.

7)     Acetyl L Carnitine: Acetyl L Carnitine is one nutrient many men do not know by name, but it is especially important for male organ health. Acetyl L Carnitine protects the male organ from nerve damage, and desensitization, which naturally occur over time as a result of the normal wear and tear of the average romantic life.  In order to deliver a more powerful punch, it is often paired with Alpha Lipoic Acid.  The pair has been found to help reverse nerve damage and improve the functioning of the male organ.

8)     Alpha Lipoic Acid: Alpha Lipoic Acid is a powerful antioxidant – which means it helps fight cancer causing free radicals – and is useful to protect against male organ cancer.  Alpha Lipoic Acid, when paired with Acetyl L Carnitine, can also fight wrinkles and reduce the signs of premature aging.

9)     L-Arginine: A good supply of oxygen is important to keep the male organ healthy and maximize reproductive functioning. L-Arginine helps improve the circulation in the body by maintaining and repairing the blood vessels and capillaries in the body.  With increased circulation, comes increased oxygenation to a man’s most important appendage, and allows for healthy tumescence.

Targeting the nutrients to the male organ

In order to reap maximum effectiveness of these 9 essential nutrients, a man could eat his weight in fruits and veggies every day, or he could use a specially formulated male organ vitamin formula. By selecting a perfectly balanced male organ vitamin formula, (most professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) a man can concentrate the nutrients right where they are needed most. By simply slathering the oil on the male organ and allowing it to deeply penetrate the skin, a vitamin formula will deliver the male organ boosting ingredients on contact. Simply apply and let it do its magic, no Brussels sprouts required.

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