Swinging Success - The Ultimate Lifestyle Guide

Jul 25




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What is ... What type of People ... is when ... couples wish to explore ... sexual ... with other ... Similar terms are ‘Wife ... or ‘The ...


What is ‘Swinging’?  What type of People Swing?

Swinging is when committed couples wish to explore different sexual activities with other couples.  Similar terms are ‘Wife Swapping’ or ‘The Lifestyle’

One common misconception is that there must be something wrong with a couple’s relationship when they want to explore sex with other people.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Couples that Swing are couples that are confident and secure with their relationship and wish to explore different avenues of sex with each other. Swinging is not for people who what to ‘cheat’ on their partner – that’s what an affair is for – Swinging is for couples who wish to be open and experience sex with other partners in a healthy enviroment.

Many couples actually express that their relationships become stronger and more interesting after they start to Swing. 

What about Single People?

I have described Swinging as something that committed couples do,Swinging Success - The Ultimate Lifestyle Guide Articles however; Swinging is not limited to married people. If you are single you can still enjoy this Lifestyle despite the fact most Swinging Clubs and parties do not allow single people (literally, just one person alone) to attend – you usually have to be with someone else making you a ‘couple’.
If you are single, you will need to find a partner that will enjoy Swinging with you.  That partner becomes your friend in The Lifestyle and together you are able to go to swinging parties, Swinging Clubs, or seek other couples for intimate encounters. 

To find a Lifestyle Partner if you are single, place an ad at one of the most respected sex personals sites around, Adult Friend Finder http://adultfriendfinder.com/go/p104469 . 

Create an ad to find a friend who is interested in exploring a Swinging Lifestyle with you.  I have no doubt you will find that friend at this alternative lifestyle Website.

You may consider hiring an escort for the evening. I have often attended Swing Clubs with gentlemen who hired me for this purpose. This is also acceptable however we were very discreet about our relationship. (My escort website is www.palmspringscompanions.com )

Swinging is a positive lifestyle that is meant to enhance your life whether you are in a committed relationship (married) or you explore the lifestyle with a friend you trust (single).  You just need to know what to do and how to do it.

How To Get Started:

If you have already made it clear that you want to try Swinging with your partner and they are open for it, then you are well on your way to some serious fun!

Show your partner ads from Swingers Magazines (available at most Adult Video stores) or from Websites like, Swingers Sexy Ads, (Click Here http://swingers.sexyads.net?rs=3641), or Swingers Cyber Connect ( http://refer.ccbill.com/cgi-bin/clicks.cgi?CA=915902-0000&PA=758841 ) and suggest the two of you place an ad. 

If your partner is willing but nervous assure them that this is only a trial and they can always say no. If it is not completely fun for the two of you then you will re-evaluate what you are doing.  By creating an ‘out’,your partner will be more open-minded and willing to give it a go.

If you have yet to discuss swinging with your partner, and you are not sure if your partner is into it, then I suggest you go slowly.

Ask questions that involve the other partner such as “Have you ever fantasized about having sex with another person besides me?”

Assure them you are not saying this to trick them or pick a fight.  Approach the Swinging Lifestyle in a positive and loving way.  Don’t make them feel like they have to be defensive.  A comment like “I really want to fuck someone else besides you.” is sure to cause hurt feelings.  Be sensitive and focus on your partners experience, not yours.

How and Where to Place a Swingers Ad:

Once you and your partner have agreed to try this lifestyle you need to find other couples to have fun with.  A good way to do this is to place personals type ads in Swingers’ Magazines or Websites. 

I recommend you check out Swingers Sexy Ads at http://swingers.sexyads.net?rs=3641or Swingers Cyber Connect at http://refer.ccbill.com/cgi-bin/clicks.cgi?CA=915902-0000&PA=758841 .  These two sites cater exclusively to the Swingers Lifestyle.

With a swingers personal ad you are trying to accomplish two things.  One, describe accurately who you are and two, what you are looking for. 

Are you looking for a one-night stand or are you looking for a long-term relationship/friendship with another couple.  Are you or your partner Bi-Sexual?  Do you want to just swap partners or are you looking for more of a ‘Gang Bang’ type situation.  The possibilities are endless!  Browse Swingers ads and see what turns you on if you are not sure.

Once you have outlined what you want out of Swinging you need a decent photo of yourself and your partner.  You don’t have to show your face if you want to be discreet (you can blur your face out with photo editing software) but you should have an up to date, full body shot so people will recognize you when you finally meet.  It does not have to be a nude shot but many couples do that.

Swing Clubs

Maybe placing an ad in a Swinger’s Magazine or Website is not for you.  If so you can jump right into the lifestyle and visit a Swingers Club in your area. Each club has different rules and approaches.  You can do a search on the Internet for Swing Clubs in your area and get acquainted with the ones that are well run and very clear on how they do things.  An example of one of the best Swing Clubs around is called Freedom Acres in Southern California.  You can view their excellent site at http://www.freedomacres.com .  There you will also find helpful information about the Lifestyle.


Swinging Etiquette is very simple.  You must be polite, charming, clean, and respect that no means NO.  Just because someone is involved in Swinging does not always mean the will do everything you want.  People have their preferences and you always need to show respect and back off it anyone, anytime, objects to your advances.

Always be safe with Swinging. Use condoms and protection to prevent the spread of STD’s.  I also suggest that if you enjoy drinking or the use of recreation drugs, use them sparingly on your first encounter with another couple.  You need to be sensitive to others needs and you may not be able to accomplish this intoxicated. 

Swinging is about feeling good and having fun. Not about getting fucked and having as much sex as you possibly can get.  (Although swingers are very open minded, the fact they are very respectful, polite, and not pushy is why they have such abundant sex lives.)

Swinging is an alternative and private lifestyle. Respect your partners wish to remain discreet about their participation in The Lifestyle.  What happens in your encounters should stay in your encounters. You will keep more friends that way in the Swinging Community.
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Thank you for downloading this report.  I wish for you nothing but pleasure and happiness in your swinging adventures!