Mature Swingers Have All the Fun At Swinging

May 7


Giridhar George

Giridhar George

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There’s no doubt about it. Mature Swingers have all the fun! If you look at swingers, swinging and the lifestyle, what you will discover is that it is populated by Mature Swingers more than any other group. Mature Swinger s may not dominate the lifestyle scene, but they are often the ones having the most fun.


The myth that recreational sex is something only for the young or enjoyed only in one’s youth is being shattered by Mature Swingers,Mature Swingers Have All the Fun At Swinging Articles mature couples and the mature single.

If you look at the swinger ads and swinger websites you’d think that the lifestyle is only enjoyed by the 18-23 year old crowd. These sites are deluged with images of paid models lathering themselves up in a shower or pursing their lips and pushing up their already perky breasts promising that you’ll get to fuck them if you only sign up and give her your credit card number. These glitzy mega adult sites are just porn by another name. Real swingers are usually Mature Swingers.

Mature Swingers are the norm in the real world, that is, the real world of swingers and swinging. Most studies have demonstrated that the average age of the adult swinging couple is in their middle forty’s. They are usually well-educated, professional, middle to upper-middle class, in stable marriages for many years with children, and are just as likely to be a soccer mom or Sunday school teacher as in a swinger club. There are a lot of myths about swingers and swinging, but the truth about swinging being dominated by the Mature Swinger and mature swinging couples is often glossed over.

Quick proof can be found in the registers of swinger clubs, swinger magazines, swinger websites, swinger social networking services, and swinger resorts. What could be more hardcore than swingers going to the infamous swinger resort Hedonism II in Jamaica. Around since the 1970’s, Hedonism boasts an average age of Mature Swingers around 47 years old according to online polling. (If you figure that the younger crowd is more likely to take online polling than Mature Swingers, then this number is probably unrepresentative of the true age.) You may find younger couples at Desire or Caliente, but the numbers of swingers (vs. monogamous nudists) is substantially lower than at Hedonism.

If the rolls of the swinger websites and swinger clubs and lifestyle resorts don’t convince you then the anecdotal evidence should. Just read online, talk with real swingers or visit a swingers club. Mature Swingers abound. And the swingers there will tell you story after story about how they wished they had started when they were younger, but are just as quick to say they could have never succeeded as a swinger until they were more mature. Young ones like the idea of swinging. Mature Swingers are the ones that have all the fun at swinging!

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