Using a Manhood Sleeve for a Happy, Active Manhood

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A man with an active manhood is a man fulfilled. Using a manhood sleeve during intimate encounters can add to one's sensual enjoyment, as well as the pleasure of one's bed partner. 

An active manhood is a happy manhood; for many men,Guest Posting using a manhood sleeve is part of what keeps his tool happy. (His partner may also find that the sleeve increases her or his happiness as well!) This toy can be a welcome addition to a couple's romantic life and when used with care should not have a significant impact upon a man's ongoing manhood health.

What is a manhood sleeve?

Sometimes referred to as a manhood sheath, a sleeve is technically any covering that is added to a man's shaft; however, that definition includes in it things like condoms, which are not really what is meant by a sleeve.  More properly, a sleeve is a device that fits over or rests on a manhood and in some way adds shape, length or girth to the natural equipment.

What's it made of?

Technically, a sleeve can be made of anything; ancients used sheep's bladders as a combination sleeve and condom, for example. Nowadays, most sleeves are made of plastic, rubber or silicone.

Sleeves tend to be generally cylindrical in shape. Because they are intended to cover the shaft, they are hollowed out to allow for easy insertion of the member; at least one end is open and in some cases, both may be. The shell may be solid along the sides or it may have openings along them. Many sleeves are outfitted with bumps and lumps, which are intended to provide additional stimulation to the partner of the one wearing the sleeve.

How's the fit?

Most sleeves are self-attaching; that is, the opening through which the manhood is inserted tends to be a tight fit; in some cases, the entire sleeve is very tight on a firm manhood. This is to prevent the sleeve from slipping off. There are, however, some sleeves that come with straps that allow one to tie the sleeve around the testicles. This not only holds the sleeve in place more securely, it can also serve as a testicle cuff for those who enjoy that particular device.


There are several benefits to using a manhood sleeve. As mentioned, the added dimension that it gives the manhood (often combined with the aforementioned bumps and lumps) can provide extra intimate stimulation and pleasure to a partner. The wearer may also gain extra stimulation; the friction caused by tight sleeve on a firm manhood, added to the sensations created by the intimate attentions of the partner, can create a "double you pleasure, double your fun" kind of situation.

In addition, many men get a psychological boost from the sleeve. They may be excited about the way in which the sleeve makes the manhood look bigger or may find a turn-on from simply focusing this extra attention on the member.


Some men have a very hard time finding a sleeve that fits properly. A too-tight sleeve can be very uncomfortable, while one that is too loose may fall off. Also problematic is finding one that comfortable accommodates the various stages of hardness that a manhood can go through during a course of intimate activity.

Many men who enjoy the sensations provided by a sleeve find that it unfortunately causes some form of irritation afterward. Often, the material and tightness of the sleeve may create a rash, redness, soreness or other discomfort.

Fortunately, the active manhood that enjoys the use of the sleeve can find relief from these post-intimacy irritations through the regular application of a first class male organ vitamin cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil). Rejuvenation of manhood skin irritated by a too-tight sleeve will be aided by a cream that includes a high quality emollient such as shea butter and vitamin E, one of nature's most formidable hydrators. The proper cream choice should also include vitamin A; sleeves tend to cause sweating, which adds to that unpleasant crotch aroma. Vitamin A has antibacterial qualities that actively decrease manhood odor issues.

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