PC Hacker Attacks Increasing and Stealing More Personal Information

Jul 22


Richard Seng

Richard Seng

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How you can stop PC hackers from getting into your computer through spyware. Hackers are trying harder and harder every day and you need to be protected. Find out why your personal data is at risk.


PC hackers that try to obtain information and data from your computer are developing new methods to steal from you. Hackers are attempting to obtain more personal information from you,PC Hacker Attacks Increasing and Stealing More Personal Information Articles like bank account information. They use this information for potential financial gain.

How do they do this? They do this through spyware that is placed in your computer. Spyware is software installed (without your permission) on a computer that gathers information through your internet connection.

It used to be that spyware was used to gather marketing information, but now in 2007, they are after your personal and financial data. These hackers have increased the sophistication of their methods. They can look at your IP address and web browser, then kick off code that exploits known vulnerabilities.

This code gets onto your computer through spyware that is left behind on your computer by either going to an infected website or email. Later, the code is activated and downloads the malicious payload. How do you stop it? You need to have a spyware software program on your computer at all times. Many of the latest antivirus programs will have a spyware program in addition to the antivirus software.

I suggest that you use a program that is designed to target spyware specifically along with your antivirus program.

The antivirus companies are in the business of managing viruses and I would leave controlling and eliminating spyware to the antispyware companies.

What are some of the negative results caused by spyware?

  • Identity Theft
  • Money stolen from your bank account
  • Computer programs—slow operation
  • Unauthorized credit card usage
Have you ever clicked on the wrong dialogue box that looked helpful? Many times these boxes are none other but an entryway to download spyware on to your computer. Another way you may become infected is through your email.

Top 3 Anti Spyware Software Programs.

  • CounterSpy
  • SpySweeper
  • Spyware Doctor