The Big Fire Happened In Shanghai

Nov 17


belinda toland

belinda toland

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yesterday there happened a big fire in Shanghai, causing 53 people died until now. When facing such disaster, what we can do for prevention?


About 14 o’clock on November 15th,The Big Fire Happened In Shanghai Articles a big fire happened on the teachers’ department at Jiaozhou Road in Shanghai city, the fire has been controlled at 20 o’clock. Until morning today, the fire has caused 49 people died here at Jing’an High-rise building in Shanghai. After the terrible disaster happened, about 100 wounds have been sent to hospitals for rescuing, all the doctors are trying their best to help them. According to the information reflected by field staff, the kindling point lied at the 20th level of the 1st building, preliminarily to be caused by some tinderbox when manual welding. Early in the morning on November 16, Meng Jianzhu, as State Councilor and Minister of Public Security has announced the establishment of accident investigation team for the “11`15”terrible fire disaster.

When facing disasters, man always feels nothing to do, just bearing pain and suffering. Actually it is the natural disaster that we can do nothing, as for the disasters caused by man-made reasons, there is more things that we can do to prevent them, such as fire. The following is some suggestions about how to prevent those disasters.

1.       How to prevent the fire caused by electrical appliance

There are four aspects: first the choice of electrical appliance; then the choice of lead; third installation and usage; last is that you should not use electrical appliance of high powers selfishly. You should choose confirming product made by excellent reputation, install with formulations and use the item with requirements, do not join wirings randomly. For decorating, you should employ professionals to install the special wirings, which cannot be used together with other electrical appliance. When there is no usage of electrical appliance, you should cut off power source.

  (1) Fire safety for TV

After operating TV for 4-5 hours, she should have a rest especially at seasons of high temperature. It should not be close to heat origin, without anything to cover TV and preventing liquid or insects into TV. Outside antenna should be installed with lightning conductor and grounding device, you should not turn on TV at rainy days and also cut off power resources when no use of TV.

  (2) Fire safety for washing machine

Do not make the electrical motor short circuit due to water inflow. Do not put too much clothes or something hard to lock the machine, because this will cause the machine fire by heat. Do not wash something dirty on TV by gasoline or ethanol.

  (3) Fire safety for refrigerator

Do not put inflammable articles behind refrigerator because there is a high temperature in radiator. Do not put ethanol or any other inflammable articles into refrigerator because there will cause sparkles easily when refrigerator starts. Do not wash refrigerator with water because it will cause component burn by short circuit.

  (4) Fire safety for electric mattress

Do not fold electric mattress so as not to damage insulating barrier of wires, causing fire by short circuit. Do not use electric blanket for a long time, you should cut off electricity when leaving in order to avoid fire.

  (5) Fire safety for electric iron

There is a high temperature of electric iron, thus it should be taken care when using, there should not be a long time for electrify. You should put the item on adiabatic stand for temperature reducing in order to avoid the fire caused by afterheat.

 (6) Fire safety for light

The switch, outlet, illuminator should be close to something inflammable, you should keep heat insulation and heat rejection. You should purchase light ( ) with high quality and low price, it is in certain safety, you can use it without any worries.

2.          How to prevent fire by smoking

Though dog-end is small, it is with great damage. Its surface temperature is around 200-300, central temperature around 700-800, general inflammable articles such as paper, cotton, firewood, the burning point should be around 130-305, all under the temperature of dog-end. So you should turn off the dog-end after smoking, put it in some noninflammable ware such as ashtray, metal, glass etc. Do not throw it randomly, or smoke at public places.

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