Why should you study MBBS in Russia?

Jul 25




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Russia is the best destination to moving and it is the best for medical education. Russia has so many top medical universities for the students who want to study mbbs in Russia.


Over time,Why should you study MBBS in Russia? Articles MBBS has become the most sought-after course in India and the lack of medical schools convinces students to choose MBBS in Russia. Medicine in Russia is very popular in India due to a number of features, including world-class faculties, state-of-the-art equipment and low fees. Since 1996, many Indian students with a passion for medicine have enrolled in Russian medical schools. In these 25 years, more than 6,000 doctors have returned to India and practice in numerous hospitals. While many have settled abroad working in various hospitals after completing their MBBS study in Europe.

The medical faculties in Russia are recognized by the MCI; therefore, the number of admissions from India has increased significantly. Low cost MBBS schools in Russia have the latest devices to attract many Indian students. Medical education in Russia is world famous for being accessible. Indian students prefer to study in Russia because Russian diplomas are valid for the Medical Council of India (MCI).

Please consider the following aspects in researching medical universities in Russia:

  • Accept Career Convey's guide to avoid misunderstandings...
  • Gain admission to the best medical schools
  • Always accept the advice of experts if you plan to go abroad to MBBS.
  • Not all studies abroad are suitable, so preliminary research is advisable.

Features of MBBS in Russia for Indian students

Indian students prefer Russia because it has a good reputation in medical education. There are many medical schools and all of them provide quality education. The MBBS rate in Russia is very low compared to private and semi-governmental universities in India. Every Indian student over the age of 12 can be admitted directly to the best medical universities in Russia. All Russian medical faculties are recognized by WHO and MCI. These are the characteristics of the best medical universities in Russia:

  • No admission exams
  • No donation
  • Easy and low-cost admission procedure
  • Fees for subsidised courses
  • Medical schools have the latest devices
  • Excellent MCI test result
  • Worldwide recognized grades
  • Easy visa procedure
  • All Russian universities like Altai State Medical University are government universities in Russia
  • Students are successfully placed in India, Australia, Canada, USA, UK and other important countries.

Today, Russia proves to be the most viable option for aspiring Indian doctors to explore. This country has become a popular destination for educational purposes, as MBBS Philippines has proved to be a great respite for a number of reasons. Besides the low cost, practical training and great atmosphere, MCI and WHO approved degrees invite Indian students here.

Why study MBBS in Russia

The MBBS study in Russia has begun to be recognized worldwide. There are some top medical universities. The total duration of MBBS course is 6 years at Russian universities. Studying medicine in Russia is very easy for Indian students, all Russian medical universities are listed in WHO and MCI, so a student who gets Russian MBBS degree can practice anywhere in the world, including India. Students have a fully furnished hostel on the university campus with fresh, quality food.

Quality of education: Indian students prefer Russia for the MBBS and the MD has programmed us for the curriculum. The Russian MBBS program is rich in practical knowledge and experience. Every student has the opportunity to directly treat patients. Obtaining an MBBS degree in Russia at a renowned MBBS university with an English language course guarantees an excellent medical career.

Low cost: the cost of medicine is very low compared to private and semi-governmental medical universities in India. Indian students have preferred Russian medical institutions for MBBS for 25 years because of the low cost and better facilities. The rates of medical schools in Russia vary from one university to another. In fact, fees may vary depending on the type, grade and location of the university. Compared to other parts of the world, it is cheaper for you to study. However, the cost of living may vary depending on your lifestyle.

Low eligibility criteria: the eligibility criteria are at least 50 to 65% of PCB grades at level 12. The candidate for admission must present the 10th and 12th grade report card and 2 passport size photos.