4 Steps to Make Your Ex Regret Breaking Up With You - Get Your Ex Back in the Process

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If you want to make your ex regret breaking up with you it's extremely important you avoid making the common mistakes that countless others make when trying to get their ex back. Winning back your ex is not rocket science but all too often people will allow their emotions to slip jeopardizing their last chance to reunite.

The best way to make your ex regret breaking up with you is to turn the tables on your ex by doing the exact opposite to what they expect by making them feel as if they were the one that was dumped.

In order to do this you must get a hold of your emotions and realize right now you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Do not make the mistake of using manipulation tactics!

4 Steps To Make Your Ex Regret Breaking Up With You

1. Accept the break up and thank your ex for the time you spent together. Tell them you understand that you can no longer be together and respect their decision.

2. Stop all contact immediately,Guest Posting even if your ex is calling you. More often than not couples will remain in contact with one another with to remain "just friends" or one party trying to convince the other to get together, if this is the case you must stop immediately.

3. Love your single life. Don't be afraid to go out with friends and start doing things you enjoy, make your ex see that you are still the same person they fell in love with by being confident, positive and out going. Get word out to your ex through mutual friends about your new found lease on life. You ex will be begin to wonder if you met someone else after you have stopped contact and are happy again.

4. Reuniting with your ex. Once the other 3 steps are completed , expect contact from your ex, remember that reuniting is a process, you can not simply jump back into a relationship without fixing the problems that lead to the break up first.

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