Do You Love Me? ----- DOVE

Nov 16


belinda toland

belinda toland

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love is such a beautiful thing in the world, from the ancient time to now, many people pursue that. DOVE, a kind of famous chocolate, representing love. At Christmas, what will you do to show your love?


In the spring of 1919, Do You Love Me? ----- DOVE Articles Luxembourg royal family has met the princess Charlotte inherited the Crown, meanwhile she also married to the descendant prince Felix from Bourbon family. As a helper, Lyon was extremely busy, leaning dishes the whole day, there were many wounds in his hand, when he cleaning the wounds with salty water, a girl came and said “You must be paining like that.” It was the girl who named princess Basha effected Lyon’s whole life.

The two young people met like that. Lyon had never been loved by others, as a distant relative of prince Felix family, Basha owns a low status here and she should never in turn for the rare food—ice cream. Thus on evening Lyon would enter kitchen secretly and made ice cream for Basha, they two tasted ice cream and talked about past things. Basha always taught Lyon how to speak English. At the conservative time of distinct priority in rank, due to the special status and situation, they buried the love in their hearts, without any words.

At the beginning of 20th century, in order to make Luxemburg strong in Europe, she made alliance treaty with Belgium, with the intention to consolidate relationship, they had chosen the best way as royal marriage. Princess Basha is the object. The following several days, Lyon could not see Basha and worried a lot, when preparing dessert, he wrote four English letters “DOVE”, short for “DO YOU LOVE ME” on the dessert for Basha. He believed that Basha could guess his heart voice, while Basha dazed for a long time until the hot chocolate melted.

Several days later, Basha married. One year later, she could not bear the torment of lovesickness. After leaving royal family, with the dull pain in heart, Lyon went to an advanced restaurant, due to the boss loved him so much thus he married his daughter to Lyon. Though many years have passed away, the pain has not been appeased in Lyon’s heart, his wife was so angry about that thus she left him with a broken-heart.

After that Lyon had been single, with his son and managed his candy store. In 1946 Lyon saw his son pursuing a car for purchasing ice cream, he suddenly remembered that he did not make ice cream for a long time since Basha left. At this time Lyon decided to continue the unfinished study for Basha. Through several months’ efforts, a kind of chocolate ice cream full of butter and savor came into the world, with four letters “DOVE”. His son asked the meaning of the letters innocently, Lyon answered lightly “This is the name of the ice cream.”

The ice cream has been extremely popular as soon as published, at that time, Lyon received a letter from Luxemburg and learned that Basha had tried to get his news, hoping that he could go to see her but he went to United States. Due to the influence of 2nd World War, the letter has been delayed for one year and three days.

When Lyon finally reached Basha suffering great efforts, they are so old, Basha lying on the bed weakly, there was no clear eyes on her face any more and he could not hear Lyon’s voice clearly. When recalling the days in Luxemburg, Basha said that she loved Lyon so much, once trying to refuse the marriage by starvation. She had been arrested for a month, deeply understanding that she could not escape the royal marriage, let alone that Lyon never said that he loved her or any promises. Finally she agreed with the marriage on one condition to go back the palace for an afternoon tea, she had eaten the chocolate without seeing the melted letters.

Thus everything was clear now. But it was too late, Basha left the world after three days. With deep sadness in the heart, Lyon decided to discover a kind of chocolate that the letters will never melt, through his great efforts, he did it successfully, from then on, every chocolate has been engraved with “DOVE” in the memory of the lost love between Lyon and Basha. Please let the one you love know timely that you love him or her, please love deeply, never give up.

Christmas in around the corner now, how about you just give your lover a piece of chocolate and some gifts from to show your love? Wish you will have a happy Christmas!