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No matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to get past that six-month disaster.. Do any of these situations sound like you or someone you know? There are three reasons women tend to get involved in a relationship.

Do you have the short-term curse?  Your relationship mysteriously disappears after a few months suddenly and you’re single again?  No matter how hard you try,Guest Posting you can’t seem to get past that six-month disaster. Have you ever considered it could be the man, not the relationship?  Do any of these situations sound like you or someone you know? There are three reasons women tend to get involved and start a relationship. They are:

- Loneliness
- Pressure
- Filling the Void

Wrong Reason 1 - Loneliness

You picked him up at the coffee shop with Wi-Fi.  He was cool on his Apple.  He drank the same latte as you.  You both had a lot in common. It seemed like a perfect match.  Except the only free time he has was for a quick cup of coffee or maybe a fast lunch.  It’s been fun for a few months. However, you decide you need more and guess what, he doesn’t. Once again, it’s over.   You picked a man to fill your lonely days but he has no time for you.  If you create a relationship to fill time then you have too much time on your hands.  Relationships are not fillers. If you commit to a relationship to fill your time, you are committing for the wrong reason.

Wrong Reason 2 - Pressure

It’s a Friday night and all the girls have dates.  You’re mother calls; she’s in your ear about your biological clock ticking life away.  You feel like you need a relationship immediately.  You get dressed up and go gravitate towards the first guy that can hold a conversation. Six months later, you realize that you are terrified that he might actually ask you to marry him.  He’s mean, he’s rude, he’s lazy and he has no respect for your friends.  However, he’s straight, handsome and has a great job.  The minute you committed, you were doomed to fail.  The relationship is based on the premise that having “someone” is better than having “no one”. Don’t make that mistake.

Wrong Reason 3 – Filling the Void

You woke up this morning and smiled.  Your job is going great, that last 10 pounds doesn’t look so bad on your backside.  The coffee pot is on time and the coffee itself is perfect.  You believe a man would complete your life.  He can surely fill your empty gap.  Wrong… men should not complete you. Instead, they should compliment you.   It’s wrong to think a man will fill your void.  The feeling of emptiness comes from within.

Do something that enhances you as a person.  Put some joy in your life and shine in its glory.   That glow will bring men to you.  The expression of life and joy will shine through your eyes and that energy will attract men like a love potion.  Set your standards and commit for the right reasons.     

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