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If you want to win your ex back fast it is critical that you avoid making common mistakes that will do little but push you ex away forever. After a break up couples go through the same struggles, fights, acts of desperation by partners not wanting to let go.

It's amazing that no matter how many times certain actions fail,Guest Posting the more we tend to hold onto them as the answer to all our problems, nothing rings more true than an a break up. If you find that you are making the common mistakes that I am talking about, such as constantly calling, messaging, emailing and following your ex's whereabouts you must stop immediately. Stalking and harassing your ex is a quick fire way of losing them forever, is that what you want?

The best way to win your ex back happens to be same method used to forget about an ex completely, let me explain. In order to win your ex back you must show that you accept the break up, respect your partners decision and acknowledge that your relationship is over, sound familiar?

Chalk it up to Murphy's Law if you like but how often have you heard or seen family members or friends get back with their ex once they have finally moved on with their lives. Doesn't it seem once you are completely over your ex that you hear you phone ring with your ex being on the other side asking you to catch up soon?

It's no coincidence, your goal is to do everything you need to do to get on with your life, spend time with family and friends, rediscover yourself and stop contact with your ex completely.

Remember this is only temporary don't lose sight of the prize, if you continue to make the same common mistakes that almost ALL people make after a break up you can expect the same results, you ex out of your life forever. Don't be slave to impulse, use your head to win your ex back the smart way.

When you feel comfortable about the time that has gone past, the space you have given you ex and you understand what needs to be repaired in your relationship it's time to reunite.

If you have mutual friends get the word out that you are happy with your new lease on life, happy with life and looking forward to the next chapter. Once word gets back to your ex they will be questioning whether you have met someone else, have completely forgotten about them or paranoid they have lost you forever. This when you can win back your ex.

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