How Even A Slob Was Able To Get Back His Ex

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Even a slob deserves a chance at love! Many times it's not getting the girl that is the problem, but keeping her that is the real challenge.

Mike was at a loss as to how to get an ex girlfriend back. Suzie had dumped him saying that he was a slob. Mike and Suzie had been talking about moving in together and Suzie said she realized that she just wasn’t able to take a relationship to the next level when the partner couldn’t even maintain his own hygiene. Now Mike was at a loss about how to get an ex girlfriend back.

Mike took a careful assessment of himself. He noted that he often didn’t shave on the weekends. He hadn’t had a haircut in 8 weeks. Suzie had often casually mentioned that he might want to get a manicure but he dismissed this as “girl stuff.”

He also looked around his apartment and realized that it was a pig sty. No wonder Suzie hadn’t wanted to set up housekeeping with him!

Armed with this crucial information about himself,Guest Posting he decided that he needed to win Suzie over. The question for Mike was how to get an ex girlfriend back?

While Mike wasn’t very good at cleaning himself, he did hire a housekeeping service to do a deep clean on his apartment and then scheduled them to come in once a week. He also the housekeeper put doing his laundry on their list of things to do so that he would always have a clean shirt and pair of undershorts to wear. Mike was determined to win back his ex girlfriend and this added expense was well within the price he was willing to pay to get back the woman he loved.

He made a point to shower and shave every day – even when he wasn’t going to see anybody. He figured making a habit of it would be a good idea (as well as a healthy one!). Mike also made sure that he brushed his teeth morning and evening, something he had neglected from time to time before.

After Mike had cleaned up his act, the next step was how to get an “ex girlfriend back campaign” was to write a letter to Suzie telling her about the changes he had made. He even included photos of himself and his newly maintained apartment.

Suzie was touched enough to agree to have coffee with Mike. She really loved Mike, but had felt that nagging was the only way to get him to change. She wanted to take the relationship to the next level and get a home together, but didn’t feel that she could live with such a slob. Suzie rightfully thought that if a man couldn't take care of his own personal cleanliness, how could he maintain a deep relationship? Immaturity in hygiene doesn't bode well for the more serious maturity in a relationship!

Mike acknowledged her concerns. He said that there were things that he could do a better job at, like taking care of his personal grooming. He also admitted that he was unlikely to do a lot of the housekeeping, but he had hired a maid service to do that for him knowing that having a clean place was important to Suzie.

Suzie appreciated the efforts that Mike had made. She said she wasn’t ready to change residences based on a few week’s efforts though. Mike and Suzie agreed that they would start going out again and, in six month’s time, reconsider moving in together - based on whether Mike had truly become less of a slob.

Mike decoded the secret of how to get an ex girlfriend back and saved a relationship that meant a lot to him. How did he do this? Well, in this case Suzie made it easy for him by clearly stating her desires. But other guys aren't quite so lucky. They failed to listen to what their ex girlfriend really wanted. Whether it be a “cleaner act” or a more attentive nature, the point is to listen and be ready and able to give to your girlfriend the things she needs and wants in a relationship.

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