9 Signs Of Online Money Making Scams

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If you are trying to to make money online, here are some tell tale signs of online money making scams that can help you avoid online money making scamms.

We all know there are more online money making scams out there,Guest Posting than the real thing itself. God knows how many times i have been a victim of scammers in the past 7 years that i have been making money online (or at least trying to;). So, i thought it might be helpful to write a list of warning signs for those of you, who are not familiar with the whole thing yet, and are just beginning to venture into the world of making money online. This will save you some hard earned cash and wasted time looking for legitimate ways to make money online. Please keep in mind, these are not facts, just my personal opinion from my past experiences. With that said, here are some tell tale signs of online money making scams that should raise your red flag.

Big Money
This is the biggest sign that should raise your red flag. I mean if a site is promising you $5 for a click on a link, or a program promising you make thousands of dollars in a week or while you sleep, of course its a scam. If that was the case, why aren't they doing it themselves, instead of trying to make money selling you this information?...

Who Are You
If you cant find any information as to how and who to contact, or who is responsible for the site, turn around and don't look back. An established business, always have its contact info up to date and easy to find, because they are not afraid of people knowing who they are and/or authorities coming after them.

Response Time
Before signing up, contact the site/company, and ask a question or two. Usually scammers don't even bother to answer or respond to any email. Even if they do, it takes them a very long time to respond. Ask yourself if they take that long to respond to a question, how long is going take them to pay you (if they are even going to pay)?

Over Decorated
Scam sites for some reason tend to use a lot of flashy signs and big bold text (i know i make many internet marketers angry by saying this since they all have those flashy sites, but i believe if you have real information that will help someone make money or what have you, you don't need to pull people in with over sized and colorful text. If there is big and colorful text about the amount of money you will make, rather than detailed explanation about how you will make that money, there is a good chance its a scam. Legitimate companies usually use a simple but elegant design for their site.

Fake Testimonial
Most businesses use testimonial which is a good way to promote. But, if you pay close attention, you can easily spot the fake ones. For example, a testimonial about a product that helps you make more money with your site says "...with the help of the x program i have made that much money on my site. Regards, bill billy  www.bill.com ...". If you check the mentioned site, 9 out of 10 times, either it doesn't exist or if it does, no body by that name is responsible or have anything to do with the site. Although many scammers try to have everything in place, most scam artistes (if you can call them artists) don't even take the time to at least make sure the testimonial information is right.

Too Easy
If its telling you "Make $2000 A Week, No experience Required, No Work Involved", ask your self, what kind of job you can make that much money without any experience or putting any time and effort into it? While there are legitimate ways to make that much money in short amount of time, most of them require some experience and hard work, unless you have millions of dollars to put in bank and make money with its interest.

Email Offers
If you receive an email from someone you don't know and its start with "dear friend" or something like that, and starts telling you how he/she knows this is the perfect opportunity for you to make money.... Do i need to say anything about this?.. Most people always look for ways to make more money, but i mean how could a stranger know you are looking for a way to make more money at this time, and how would he even know you? Sometimes email comes from Nigeria and other places as well.

Pay A Fee And Keep It A Secret
What legitimate company that you have worked for before, required you to pay a fee in order for them to give you more detailed information on how to make money? And why would they be afraid if you told someone about this transaction?...

Gut Instinct
The best way to recognize an online money making scam is your 'gut instinct'. 99% of the time, what your instinct tells you is the truth. Most of us tend to ignore our instinct, but i have found in my experience that most of the time, my initial instinct was right.

Remember you can always use search engines, and specially related forums to find out about legitimacy of a money making program. There are many great forums about different methods of making money online, that you can use to ask people about a specific program.

There are many ways to make money online, and many great programs and methods, but always make sure you find out about ins and outs of it, before you get into it. A little time spent in researching and finding more detail in the beginning, will save a lot of money, time and frustration in the end.

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