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What do you do with your spam? Call the ... Send it back to ... with ... text ... Set it to simmer with white wine ... I have leftover spam, I make spam rehash. You'l

What do you do with your spam? Call the authorities? Send it back to the
sender with expletive text appended? Set it to simmer with white wine sauce?
When I have leftover spam,Guest Posting I make spam rehash. You'll need:

1 pop3 mailbox
1 multiple message autoresponder
1 email extractor
1 email verifier
as much spam from the market as you can get

Mailbox must be large enough to handle leftover spam. Preferably a pop3
account so you can manage it on your desktop. Don't use a mailbox you don't
want spammed, it's hard to get out. Free pop3's can be found at:

Stuff mailbox with leftover spam. You don't know where to get spam? (You
have lived a good life.) I shop at FFAL sites, guestbooks, classified ad
sites, freebie signups, etc. Anywhere you put your email address, be assured
they want to send you mail back.

Best of all, some sites will sell your email address to spam lists. On other
sites, mostly guestbooks and classified ads, spammers will harvest your
email addresses and send you spam FREE!

After a week or a month (you want it to age), take spam from mailbox. Add
spam to email extractor.,,000EG8,.html

Your going to have some bad spam. Don't smell it! Just take my word. You'll
have to do some carving to get to the good stuff. Run spam through email
validator. The bad stuff will slide right off.

After you've verified your spam, it's ready to go into an autoresponder and
served to guests or customers. Your autoresponder must have capabilities to
import lists. GetResponse can do this and send out your message in timed
intervals with an opt out option.

The quick cook recipe works if you want to serve your spam in a hurry, but
remember that your autoresponder will not go well with FFAL websites and
some classified ads. Your autoresponder host doesn't like it when you submit
autoresponder addresses to these pages and will minimum, shut your responder

Quick Cook Recipe

Instead of putting your pop3 email address on the guestbooks or classified
ads, use the autoresponder address. When spammers harvest your autoresponder
address, they immediately get a serving of spam rehash, thus serving your
customers and guests faster.

Remember, if they send it to you, send them something in return. Bon

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