Best Surfing Spots in the World

May 28


Hassan Ingram

Hassan Ingram

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Whether you have been enthusiastic surfer for years or just getting started, it’s hard to know which locations are best to enjoy the sport.

No matter what type of wave you are looking for you can find it somewhere in the world.  We will show you the greatest places to hit the water and ride some waves. Regardless of your experience,Best Surfing Spots in the World  Articles we have narrowed down the best spots to grab your board and head off into the water to catch that great wave you so desperately seek out as we go from one continent to the next.
Banzai Pipeline
Known as the wave of all waves, the Pipeline is challenging even for professionals.  Located in Oahu, Hawaii, this wave is something that makes a surfer’s knees tremble as he stands at the shoreline waiting to head into the water.  People come from all over the world and head to the North Shore to ride the pipe.  Seen on television in Hawaii 5-O, Surfing Hollow Days, and Blue Crush, whether you are an avid surfer or never been to the beach, most people recognize the name Pipeline as a great spot to surf.  With three reefs that are constantly adding current to the swells making them those much larger, surfers can get nervous watching these tower size waves.
Snapper Rocks
Snapper Rocks is located on the Gold Coast of Australia.  To most surfers it is known as Superbank.  This is a manmade surf break from sand pumping in from the Tweed River.  This was mainly used for the shipping industry but has created some major swells that have drawn in crowds of surfers on a daily basis.  Running from Snapper Rocks to Kirra, you can find multiple large swells at once.  Be careful as you try to surf in this area, there are easily over 100 people with the same objective and dropping into ride these waves.
Situated in Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa, this wave is known to allow surfers to ride for as long as 300 meters long.  With major events held here, tourists flock here to catch some of the waves they see their idols surf in and win big titles.  If you are too scared to surf Supertubes, there are some smaller but still fierce waves in the area.  Kitchen Windows, Magna tubes, and Boneyards are a few great waves that serve up great swells for surfers.  This swell is known to be long, fast, and will wear you out quick.
Honolulu Bay
One of the greatest places to surf in a not so great area is the Honolulu Bay point break.  Unless you are one of the locals, you may get ran off.  Most of the locals swarm the waters and do not let outsiders in on their turf.  You should probably come in a taxi unless you want your belongings tampered with.  With everything you may be faced with to ride these waves, it might just be well worth it to surf one of the other best areas in the world.
Surfrider Beach
This beach is a well-known surf spot dating back for decades as famous names such as Johnny Fain and Miki Dora once surfed here in the 50’s.  Located in Malibu, California, this beach consists of three points that draws in all types of surfers.  To relive the experience of famous surfers, tourists come from all over to catch some waves and surf these perfect swells.  Most longboarders will want to gravitate to the First point, while short boarders will likely stick to the Second and Third Points.
As of 2010, this beach is the first dedicated World Surfing Reserve.
All of these beaches have something to offer both beginners and the more experienced surfers.  When heading out to surf, there is nothing worse than coming up on clear water with no waves.  These beaches offer the best waves on any given day and have yet to disappoint.  Regardless of which beach you pick from this list, you are destined to come up on some fierce waves that will lead you to a fun filled day of great swells, a good workout, and beautiful weather.  Not all have easy access, and you may have to travel miles on foot to get to one of these waves, but as soon as you hit the water and start riding these swells, the felling is simply unrivalled.

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