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How does playing sport affect height How to play sports to increase the best height Some sports help increase height effectively Yoga Jogging

Which sport helps to increase height quickly and effectively? If you are looking to improve your height,Guest Posting don't miss out on the height sports we have compiled below.

In addition to nutrition, sleep, exercise is also one of the factors that have a great impact on the child's height development. While all sports are healthy, not all sports are good for height. So which sport supports to increase height effectively, mothers need to learn carefully to encourage their children to practice every day.


How does playing sport affect height?

According to scientific studies, the level of physical activity is an important determinant of the bone formation reaction, namely the process of building bone from cartilage. This process helps the bones to lengthen to increase height.

During pre-puberty and puberty, playing intense sports is good for bone formation from this cartilage, making long bones such as the femur, lower legs and vertebrae thrive strong.

At the same time, contributing to enhancing bone density, minerals accumulate on the surface around bones to help develop bone width to reduce the risk of osteoporosis- related fractures.

In addition, sports training also improves muscle strength, flexibility, limb coordination and balance, limits falls, affects the development of bones.

In addition, playing sports properly is also very good for the health of children, enhancing the regulation of the endocrine system, including pituitary and thyroid. Thanks to that, the endocrine system secretes growth hormone GH, stimulates the growth of bone cells, increases bone length, develops maximum height.

How to play sports to increase the best height

When playing sports, to be able to effectively improve height, you need to pay attention to avoid excessive exercise. First time should play 3 times / week then gradually increase the time to play to get used to the body. Avoid exercise, exercise too much to avoid injury as well as help the muscles recover after the movement

Some sports help increase height effectively

Playing sports plays an important role in the height development in children, especially puberty . So every day, mothers should encourage children to spend about 30 minutes to 1 hour practicing.

If your child is a quiet, quiet person, you can choose exercises that help stretch the limbs and tissue in the body such as yoga, jogging, jumping rope, swinging ... to practice. check out all new sporting goods from online sports shop Dubai .


Yoga is an exercise that brings a lot of benefits to both the fitness and health of the practitioner. This is a top notch sport that helps the practitioner relax the mind and be able to perceive every movement around. In addition, this subject is also very effective in promoting height gain.

Yoga exercises will specifically impact on each part, helping the body to be firmer and the bones to be stronger. At the same time, it has a strong impact on cells and hormones, facilitates healthy development, actively supports physical growth, especially height.

Some yoga exercises are good for the height development of the body such as: yoga posture, standing on shoulder, camel posture, sitting bent forward



According to research, if you jog properly will help produce the growth hormone GH, support optimal height increase. Moreover, jogging also helps blood circulation, provides oxygen continuously to the body, good resistance to disease prevention and a happier life.

printing, will help increase height best. Because the faster you run, the more growth hormone secretes, helping the bones to grow faster. Therefore, you should run 3 times / week to get the body active and effective in increasing height.

However, to avoid injury, initially run at a normal speed to warm up, then gradually accelerate and hit harder.


Mon-bar exercises help develop physical, strengthen muscles, more effective in treating disc herniation, spinal pain, promote optimal height development.

The reason is that due to the process of getting on a single beam, the whole body will be in the air, not subject to any effects of gravity compressing the joints, helping to stretch the entire body.

This will release pressure on the cartilage layers in the joints, creating space for cartilage to grow faster. You can practice solitary bar in parks, amusement parks, if possible, go to the gym for specific instructions.

For beginners to practice single beams, initially only need to practice holding the body on the bar for as long as possible, in order to strengthen the arm. Then, move on to doing single bar inhalations and try to increase the number of reps over time. From 2-3 pieces / time on the bar, then increase to 10 or 15 pieces and maybe more.


Regular high-intensity rope skipping will greatly aid height development. Because this is a heightening exercise to help expand the body, especially the legs. The muscles will be stretched during the skipping motion, the body will move continuously and consume a lot of energy, thus making the body grow faster, increasing optimal height.

You should do 3–5 sessions / week, each session lasts 30 minutes. Each set lasts 5 minutes, performing 80–100 beats / minute for maximum effect.


Of all swimming disciplines, stride swimming is the type of swimming that has the most positive effect on the practitioner's height. Because this style of swimming requires two legs to continuously stretch plus lean forward, all the muscles work and have a great impact on the growth of height such as: the body becomes slim, the waist is slim, broad shoulders and increased body height ...

Besides, it also helps to increase the production of growth hormone significantly to improve the human ability to increase height. Every day, you spend at least 2 hours swimming will be effective in increasing height.


Basketball is a sport that increases height very well, this sport requires you to move and jump continuously. These movements have the effect of stimulating the cartilage and joints to develop as well as helping the body to produce many growth hormones, thereby supporting rapid and effective height improvement. if you are planning to buy latest basketball accessories, then do checkout from online sports shop Dubai


Like basketball, volleyball is also a sport where you need to constantly jump to hit the ball and move continuously on the field to catch the ball. Thanks to that, volleyball also has a very good impact on your height growth. So do not forget to play volleyball regularly to help increase height effectively


Regular cycling not only improves your mood and limits stress, but it is also very beneficial for your height. Just spending 30-45 minutes cycling every night, you contribute to support faster and more effective growth of height. In addition, you should pay attention to raise the saddle to help your legs stretch to the fullest extent while pedaling


Like other sports, badminton also requires you to exercise, jump continuously to bring the bridge over the opponent's yard, thereby helping to stimulate the production of growth hormones and contribute to increasing afternoon. High very quickly and efficiently.


To increase height effectively, stretch yoga exercises are really sports that you should not miss. Not only helps stimulate cartilage and joint development, regular yoga also helps you reduce stress, supports the body to produce growth hormones effectively. So please pay attention to practice yoga regularly to get in perfect shape in a short time


Soccer is also a sport that is conducive to height growth that you should not miss. The kick will make your muscles and bones feel pulled, which will stimulate the growth of the leg bones to help you increase height effectively.

Have you seen people climbing rocks or walls? Also, people who participate in indoor wall climbing sport, you need to use your legs and arms a lot to climb on the wall, thereby stimulating and stretching the body spine, promoting rapid growth. and efficiency.

Martial arts

Practicing martial arts not only helps to exercise health, increase stamina as well as help protect yourself, but it also has an effective impact on the process of increasing height. Especially when practicing leg kicking exercises, jumping continuously ... So this is also a sport that I encourage you to choose to improve your body shape.

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