Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Checklist

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Any BJJ student that wants to excel quickly should follow the tips and tricks below.

Try some or all of the training methods below to make great gains in your Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu game. Train the right way by increasing the learning curve,Guest Posting while not sacrificing technique.

 Do the Drills

The starting warm up and position drills are done to become precise with the movements. Rolling will become much more enjoyable when you have taught your body to instinctively react when transitioning and defending.

Concentrate on the core moves

There will be plenty of time to learn Inverted guard and the Flying Arm bar, put that on the back burner and concentrate on the moves that actually work for a high percentage of practitioners. How do you think the top level guys got so good? They have a deep understanding of the fundamental techniques and how to build more advanced movements from them.

Train regularly

Try not to become one of the people who start strong and then hardly train after a few months. Create a plan and stay with it. Always set some time aside in your training routine to rest and recoup.

Put your time in rolling

For most students, all they want to do is roll, but they are not going about it the right way in order to get the most benefits from it. First off, rolling is not competition training and a win at all cost mentality will have you wasting valuable mat time. Train the positional rolling to work on the positions your weak at and start from the knees to cover all positions.

Focus on Escapes

Knowing the finer points to escapes comes down to putting in your time and training from a bad position. Once you start to get a handle on your escapes, your confidence will grow and the whole Jiu-Jitsu game changes.

Play guard

Most of the time spent rolling involves playing a guard game. You can establish a good guard game and gain the added benefit of flexibility by focusing on leg circles and effective hip movement. Improve defensive guard skills in order to catch your opponent with sweeps and submissions. Train the open guard as well as the closed to make your transitions more efficient when getting passed.

Study Jiu-Jitsu

Anything you do in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has a reason and it is important for you study and understand the technique, not just learn it. Trying to understand the reason behind the technique will help you process information quicker and perform better.

Open you mind

An open mind will enable you to make amazing strides in your game and find solutions too many of your training problems.

Be an effective training partner

Realize in training, you need a partner to practice the moves, get feedback, and help solve problems. The benefits of being a good training partner will be shown in the rapid progress in your game.

Leave your Ego at the door

No one starts as a Black belt and everyone eventually will TAP to a submission one time or another. Don't get frustrated; take it as a learning experience.

Enjoy It

Anything you do in life has to be enjoyable and interesting including training martial arts. Once training becomes a chore, it will come to an end. Jiu-Jitsu does require some hard work but don't get caught up in having to get a certain move down or so many repetitions in a set time period. Keep drilling and rolling and enjoy the time spent with new friends.

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