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When you are searching for a quality knife, consider american handmade knives by Ray Ennis, knifemaker of Entrek USA knives. Entrek knives are specially made for hunting and survival, as well as tactical knives.

When you are in the market for a quality knife,Guest Posting consider American made Entrek USA knives. You can find Entrek knives specially made for hunting and survival, as well as hand-crafted tactical knives. Entrek American made knives are handmade, of the finest craftsmanship, and designed by world renowned knife craftsman, Ray W. Ennis. Since 1973, expert Ray Ennis has made over 7000 knives during his illustrious career. Each Entrek knife is made using the rust resistant 440C stainless steel. The knives are heat treated, stabilized and then double drawn to resist corrosion, retain toughness and hold the edge. Entrek knives are manufactured using the latest technologies, as well as time tested hand-crafting methods including glass beading blade and the handle for superior grip even in the wettest conditions.

The Entrek USA 11Bravo

 The most popular and best selling model of knife is the 11Bravo.This model is Entrek's most popular fixed blade knife. This knife is also a favorite tool of the American military and is classified as a survival knife. With a solid grip made from the same stock of black canvas Micarta to ensure color uniformity, this knife withstands the elements to resist corrosion and degradation.

Entrek Hunting and Tactical Models

 Entrek also specializes in both the tactical and hunting knife, as well. As hunting and tactical knives go, over 30 American made models are available from Entrek, including the 14.5 inch long Strike Eagle down to the 6.5 inch long  Lynx, to name just a couple. The sheath for this type of knife is custom molded from black Kydex to fit each knife, ensuring the sheath tightly and securely fits the blade. The sheaths are equipped with belt clips to enable strapping the knife to the leg or to gear. Because of the tight-fitting sheath, the knife stays securely enclosed when climbing, crawling or moving about under other extreme conditions. For a rugged knife with extreme endurance, select one of the Entrek hunting or tactical models.

The Entrek Force Recon Series

 The original Entrek Force Recon has a partially sharpened edge and measures 11 7/8 inches overall. The 7 inch blade’s finish is bead blasted and the blade made from 440C stainless steel. This model is a great choice as a survival tool or a camp knife. The Bowie is 12 inches overall and a fixed-blade model. The double edged MKII model, the latest incarnation of the series. This knife is a Persian Bowie, also with a length of 12 inches overall. This series offers the purchaser various options, while maintaining the quality and craftsmanship that the Entrek name stands for.

 All knives made by Entrek are superior American-made knives, constructed with quality craftsmanship and attention to the smallest detail, including uniformity of grip color, blade consistency and overall style. Several models to choose from make sure that you will find the exact knife for your needs and budget. For camping, hunting, or tactical purposes, Entrek is always the best choice. Remember the Entrek name when shopping for knives for any purpose or budget. Entrek is the best brand of functional knife available on the market.

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