Harley Davidson Jackets - How to Decide on the Best Model

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Harley Davidson Jackets are available in many different styles, sizes, and materials. This article introduces the various styles and help the reader choose from among them.

Looking for a Harley Davidson Jacket? If so,Guest Posting there is a wide selection of shapes and sizes to choose from. As a Harley rider, you’re fortunate to have many viable options when looking for a jacket. The tough part, of course, is sorting through all the options to pick out the right one.The two biggest choices are a synthetic or leather. Once you make that decision, you've fought half the battle. There are pros and cons to both, but in the end it comes down to a matter of personal choice.If you're searching for a classy leather jacket, no amount of discussion will change your mind. Stay with me for a minute, though, and allow me to talk about the various options available.But if you cannot wait, you can find a set of showcased jackets online.Harley Leather JacketsLeather, we all know, is well-known for its great looks and ageless style. A good leather jacket has that heavy, silky feel that calls out luxury. Leather also offers great abrasion protection. Heavier leather, of course, offers more protection, but at the expense of being very hot in warmer weather. Many leather jackets are available with perforations to supply extra airflow. This will offset the heat in the summer, but may be counter-productive in the winter.Leather jackets are typically available in fewer color options than synthetics as they are more difficult to dye. They will usually be subject to a "break in" period, when the virgin leather is still stiff. This effect will decrease in a short period of time as the leather molds to the body's shape.A quick word about leather thickness: leather measured at less than one millimeter in thickness is said to be lightweight, while leather thicker than 1.5 millimeters is quite heavy. More on leather thickness can be found on the web.Synthetic JacketsIf you're searching for a large variety of options, synthetics may be the way to go. Even a single jacket may have dozens of different ways it can be configured. Inner insulated liners, for example, can be removed or upgraded. Zipped vents can be opened or closed to allow for varying air circulation. And body armor panels can be upgraded with a CE-rated pad or taken out.The most popular synthetic material for a motorcycle jacket currently is Cordura. Cordura is a tear-resistant canvas-like material that is often used in hiking gear or backpacks. When it is treated with a water resistant coat, Cordura retains its breathability to provide a tougher alternative to Gore-Tex. Synthetic jackets often provide a wider (and wilder) set of color options, making them quite stylish, but for some, synthetics will never match the classic style of leather.You can find a good comparison of the pros and cons of synthetics and leather.Nylon and Denim JacketsCertainly many jackets just do not exactly fit in the aforementioned categorization. Denim, for example, offers a unique value: a type of classic style that is appealing to many, while being less hot in the summer than leather. Nylon, for example, provides durability and some of the cooling options of a synthetic but, depending on your point of view, may not offer up the classic styling of leather.Harley Women's JacketsA short thought about women's jackets...Finding options that have been designed only with women in mind is now a possibility. You'll be pleasantly surprised with the options available. Most synthetic jackets are designed to be for both men and women, but several options are available that are specifically targeted for women. Opting for leather provides a wide set of options for fitted, classy women's jackets.

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