Is this the Worst Golf Tip Ever?

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Some golfers just cannot help passing on golf tips when they see you struggling, but are they doing you a favor? Some golf tips can have a disasterous effect on your game. This article shows how to save yourself from the bad golf tip and create a golf swing that will stop anyone from offering you any advice ever again.

How many times,Guest Posting when you were struggling out there on the golf course, have you been offered a golf tip?

It seems that there are a whole bunch of golfers who just cannot help themselves from passing on their own personal favorite golf tips when they see a fellow golfer struggling.

For one friend of mine this got so bad that he actually refused to play with a particular golfer who always passed on golf tips whenever they played together.

The problem with the golf tip is that it only affects one small part of your swing. And the golf swing is a very complex series of movements that have to be carried out precisely, in a correct sequence and at a given speed. If the golf tip you are given upsets that sequence or throws another part of your swing out of its normal place it can have a disasterous effect on your shot.

The reason why I like Mind-Movies is that they string together, in the correct sequence, all the different positions and moves of a good swing. A good golf Mind-Movie is in effect a whole series of golf tips correctly strung togther.

What I am saying here is that any single golf tip can damage your swing no matter how good that tip may be. Any golf tip you are given may be a perfectly correct part of a good golf swing but if that golf tip does not fit in with the rest of your swing it can spell disaster.

Smart golfers learn to visualize all the different bodily positions in their golf swing. They then groove those pictures into their mind in the form of Mind-Movies. These Mind-Movies show them exactly what they have to do in order to swing the club in a way which consistently produces long and accurate shots. Then, when they’re ready to play, all they do is run their Mind-Movie and let the movie send precise what-to-do instructions to the different parts of their body.

The trick with Mind-Movies is to build them correctly and then groove them into your mind so that you can see them whenever you need them. Then, if someone offers you a golf tip you can check it out against the pictures in your mind before deciding whether it will be likely to improve your swing.

It took me a lot of time and a lot of trial-and-error to learn to do program my Mind-Movies correctly. But once I’d mastered the art it had a magical effect on my game. In my e-book The Golf Mind Movies Power PackI describe in detail how to install a golf Mind-Movie which will quickly get you playing more consistent golf.

If a golfer you know is suddenly hitting the ball further and straighter it is probably not because of some simple golf tip or because they have purchased the latest big, big, great big enromous driver or a new set of irons; it is far more likely that they have pieced together a whole set of golf tipsinto an effective golf Mind-Movie that works for them.

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