Saddle Up! Your Guide to Planning a Riding Session

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Riding a horse is adventurous and also a good form of workout. To ensure a fun ride, it is wise to implement some tips or guidelines.

A new rider might feel strange and uncomfortable while on a saddle. It is difficult to feel at home when the surface you are sitting on,Guest Posting is the back of an animal thrice the size of you. It is scary to maintain balance and not get displaced as the horse changes its gaits or suddenly increases its pace. Despite the risk of falling and suffering from injuries, horse riding is increasingly getting popular because it is looked upon as an adventurous form of workout. Yes, surprising as it may sound, horseback riding is a form of workout.

Many of us have the misconception that it is only the horse that is exercising as we ride, but what fails to register our minds is that our body also benefits greatly. Squeezing the horse to make it change the direction, requires the work of the inner thighs, sitting in the correct posture while on the horseback, requires the use of back, abdomen, and also the legs. Therefore, it takes a strong and stable core, with equally powerful legs to survive riding. Stable core and strong legs are necessary for balancing on the horse. Horse riding is thus a great outdoor exercise, and a refreshing change than working out at gyms indoors.

To ensure a good time riding a horse, follow the guidelines mentioned below:

1. Hydrate the horse:Before any riding session, make sure that the horse is sufficiently hydrated. This is especially important when riding during summer.

2. Arrive at the stable few minutes before:This is important because it is always wise to know how your horse is feeling and to prepare it mentally, for a ride, so that it is not in for a surprise.

3. Dress Right:It is important to be dressed with riding apparels rather than going in any ordinary outfit. Charles Owen helmet, pikeur helskodda ridbyxor, Kingsland jackets and ROECKL gloves are some of the riding wear from good brands.

4. Be fully equipped:It is important to be fully equipped for riding by having accessories such as reins, halters, leads, snaffles and saddle accessories.

Riding items for both horse and the rider is available atstockholm ridsportbutik called Hästbiten. The shop seems to stock on good quality riding equipment such as reins, halters, snaffles and also has several horse care items such as vitamin supplement, grooming items and saddle accessories. To take a look at the variety of riding apparels available such as chaps, gloves, safety vests, jackets, jodhpurs and pikeur cindybreeches visit the website Riding is a dangerous sport and hence only the best of equipment and riding wear should be purchased, for enhanced safety and protection of both the rider and the horse.


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Hästbiten is stockholm ridsportbutik. The shop seems to be renowned for its collection of quilts and breeches such as pikeur cindy.  They have Bucas quilts in thermal and waterproof variant as well as pikeur helskodda ridbyxor.


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