Should College Football Coaches Be Paid So Much Money?

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 Wow.  College football coaches are some of the highest paid jobs in the world.  Why is that?  Are they doing a job equivalent to what they are being paid?  Are colleges in an arms race and bidding race with each other to out bid everyone else for the best coach?  Does the job really merit that much money to be paid in comparison with other jobs such as NFL coaches and players.

     College football programs bring in millions of dollars each year.  This income is dependent upon a successful program which lies upon the shoulders of a head coach.  The head coach must play father,Guest Posting mentor, counselor, teacher, director, and lastly coach. I guess if a coach can successfully fill all these positions and still put a winning product on the football field then I would say their pay is equivalent to the job they do.

     Does their job merit the great amounts of money they are paid even though their working for a non profit organization.  Meaning should college coaches be paid like NFL coaches and sometimes even NFL players, rockstars and other professional athletes.  Do these coaches really merit that kind of pay or are colleges in a spending contest to see who can wow everyone with their resources.  Colleges are in an arms race to see who has the most money or who can offer the most money for a head football coach.  I think colleges are far out of the salary range they should be in.  I think they are putting on a show to attract athletes.  They are using money as the attraction.

     Top college football coaches salaries are very close to the top NFL coaches salaries, in some cases even more.  Although they have a lot of responsibilities maybe even more than an NFL coach, they , in my opinion, shouldn't be paid as much because a college is a nonprofit organization and should regulate its salaries in a lower range than a for profit organization in the same industry.

     College football coaches bring in alot of money with their football programs.  They produce proffessional quality athletes and model men and citizens.  They add to the quality of life of the community they are in by developing men and providing entertainment.  They are and should be paid adequately for the job they do.  There pay is just more than it should be.  Cut their salaries in half and I think they would be in about the range they should be in.  This also brings into question, should college football players and athletes in general be paid.  You can read about this soon in future blogs.

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