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Snorkeling or underwater sightseeing is gaining wide popularity. The gear,Guest Posting much like the scuba gear, includes a mask, fins and a short tube called as snorkel. Snorkeling is done just below the surface of still bodies of water, such as lagoons, where moving water won\'t enter the snorkel. Many water resorts now provide snorkeling as an added attraction.

Snorkeling has become popular mainly due to the fact that it opens up a whole new underwater world for sightseeing. People are attracted to the various colorful fishes, mollusks, kelps, jellyfishes, rays and even seaweed and algae, which they can touch and feel. Add to this the fact that there are more organisms underwater than on land, which most people haven\'t seen before.

Snorkeling can\'t be totally described as an adventure sport. It isn\'t risky like water rafting or bungee jumping, but it provides great thrills. Even the sport that comes closest to it – scuba diving – is different because scuba diving is done in deep waters, so gear is lightweight and more comfortable—it does not have to withstand huge pressures. Snorkeling can be enjoyed at any age—you just have to know how to swim.

However, to enjoy snorkeling to its fullest trainers advice divers to prepare for hazards such as mask (or snorkel) flooding, building up of pressure in the ear canals, low visibility under water due to silting, etc. Snorkeling does have some dangers. People have been known to emerge from he water with cuts on their hands and legs due to contact with coral. Also some sea urchins may inject venomous spines into inexperienced divers. And there are some of eel, which may bite. Yet, these dangers do not dampen the spirits of snorkelers.

Snorkeling destinations are spread all over the world, wherever the water is calm and abundant in sea life, such as the Caribbean, Hawaiian Islands and the Galapagos islands. Snorkeling at night is even more popular because various nocturnal marine lives can be observed. A bright underwater torch is used for nocturnal snorkeling with a chemical light tied around the waist of the diver to warn boats.

Shops that sell diving gear on the coasts usually also conduct snorkeling expeditions, providing guides. Fishermen also provide such expeditions at a small fee. Snorkeling is included in most travel packages to beach resorts.

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