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To put it simply,Guest Posting when choosing a golf driver you should be looking at the lightest you can afford. The lighter the driver the faster the swing and this results in a much faster ball. The latest range of Cleveland golf clubs, most notably their Launcher XL270 driver, is one of the lightest drivers available weighing in at a mere 270 grams. By utilising their tried and tested sub 300 gram technology which reduces the overall weight, thanks to the Miyazaki C. Kua ultra light shaft allows the weight to be shifted further down into the club head gives a faster head speed and a more focused launch thanks to the lower centre of gravity.


With a retail price of around £240 means the Launcher XL270 driver isn't the cheapest driver in the range of Cleveland golf clubs, but it's well worth it (and shopping around you should be able to find one at a significantly lower price than the recommended retail price). It must be pointed out that investing in a high end driver isn't the be all and end all of improving your game, as a good driver needs to be paired with a high quality golf ball too. You may already have your favourite gold balls but there's no harm in reading up new products and keeping an eye on the reviews and your current favourite may not be the best available.


Cleveland golf accessories and equipment are favoured amongst many of today's top golfers and for good reason. Since the company was founded in 1979 they have been at the forefront of golf design and technology, and this is evident when handling any of their range of Cleveland golf clubs. In fact Cleveland Golf's dedication to pushing the boundaries of golf technology forward is no more apparent than in their new Launcher XL270 ultra lightweight driver. Available with three loft angles being 9, 10.5, and 12 degrees depending on your style of play and for those with a tendency to slice the ball, a 'draw' version of this gold club is also available. This features a heel biased weighting system and a more 'closed' face to help reduce the chance of slicing the ball when teeing off.


No matter what your ability, amateur or professional, the new Launcher XL270 from Cleveland Golf has been designed to enable effortless driving, giving improved speed and distance whilst being versatile enough to cater for your particular style of play.

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