5 Ways the loT Will Impact Your Mobile App Development Process

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IoT is the next big thing in the world of technology. The impact of IoT can be seen in every aspect of life and mobile app development is also a part of it. The IoT has the power to influence all the stages of app development from understanding the clients to establishing a business. 

Powering up the right ideas have always served as the ignitor of almost every major trend shifts. 


Innovative designs blended with enhanced user experience is the basis of any successful mobile application. 


Internet of Things or IoT is the new wave hitting the mobile app development and every other realm of the digital world. 


Connectivity has witnessed an enormous leap with the introduction of IoT. Unexplored possibilities are being explored,Guest Posting and new dimensions of digital connectivity are being unveiled. 


Let us dive in and explore how IoT is affecting the mobile app development process. 


Reducing Human Efforts

Integrating IoT and mobile app development process facilitates a higher degree of connectivity. 


Interaction with any devices which has a power-up switch is technically possible these days. 


Connecting with technology has become a lot quicker and easier. 


Humans are dedicated to finding ways which will make their existence comfortable and hassle-free. 


IoT is serving this purpose beyond imagination. 


Managing your house, car and any other gadgets with the help of your smartphone are incredibly quick and future-oriented. 


IoT has made things easier for both users and developers by enhancing the user experience and by reducing the developing efforts and time respectively. 


Once the possibilities of IoT is completely harnessed and put to use, the whole concept of interaction and connectivity will witness an entirely different magnitude and dimension. 

Data Security

With the enhanced connectivity comes the most significant risks. 


Facilitating multiple connection points is both a pro and a con of IoT. 


A security breach is very likely to happen when IoT is employed in the connectivity of gadgets. 


Since this fact is well aware, an additional layer of security is well appreciated for IoT based devices. 


Softwares like RASP(Runtime Application Self Protection) will aid the developers in protecting the user devices in ways which typical security software cannot. 


The risk factor is omnipresent, so is finding ways to tackle them. 


The developers will have a hard time tackling these security threats peeking through the gaps in IoT solutions. 


Dealing With the Tiers

When it comes to separation into tiers, the IoT seems to be different from the usual app development programs. 


There are five tiers in the development of an IoT based mobile application while the usual app development process is divided into just two. 


The end-user tier and the analytics demand a cohesive work in the development stage. 

The five tiers are:
  • Device
  • Gateway
  • Data
  • Analytics
  • Application


It’s not a common thing to have such high levels of integration. So developers are being compelled to come up with a new language to make sure that everything correlates perfectly. 


Suitable Platforms

Platforms are suites of components which are responsible for the positioning of applications that control and monitor connected devices. 


IoT employs separate protocols of connectivity apart from the usual ones.  


Since IoT is trending technology, the new market is streaming with IoT platforms. 


They provide a platform to host, build and support an IoT solution. 


Some of the established and proven platforms are IBM Watson, Azure IoT suite, Amazon web services, etc.


Demands Innovation

In the end, it’s all about the right idea. 


Every single application that is trending in the digital world has been developed from a single thought. 


Also, users are always looking for a change. 


So having an idea and developing it is not just enough, constant updates to keep it active is also a fundamental aspect of the digital world. 


Developers are continually running active researchers to enhance the IoT technology usage and experience.  


Technology is ever-evolving. 


Keeping up with the pace is very important. 


Or else there is a considerable chance of being tagged as obsolete. 


Mobile app development and IoT is mutually inclusive. They bolster each other. They help to provide the best user experience and reduces the efforts of the developer. The future technologies will make use of IoT in their applications. With the right amount of dedication and perfect idea, IoT can be employed to develop the best mobile application which will make your users come back to your app. Keep up the pace and be updated in the sprinting digital world. 

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