6 Best Event Management Software: Give Real Time Analysis

Apr 8


Baleshwar Yadav

Baleshwar Yadav

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The adoption of this software is relatively high among large enterprises as the installation of this solution needs high cost and a personal data center, which is affordable majorly by these organizations.


Event management can be a very hectic job if done manually. So,6 Best Event Management Software: Give Real Time Analysis Articles to ensure the quick and efficient management of an event, we need event management software. This event management software is developed to help all the event organizers to execute every step involved in an event.

It includes features for every step involved in organizing an event. From planning an event, booking a venue to send invitations to the guests, all these tasks can be performed by this software. Moreover, there are a variety of features offered by event management software, however, it may vary from company to company.

There are many companies that are offering event management software to solve various problems that arise while planning and executing an event. In this article, we will tell you about some of the top event management software and the features of event management software.

6 top event management software

There are various big firms offering this event management software. But we are mentioning a few of the top event management software, in no particular order:

1. Tripleseat

It is among the top event management software for distinct event venues. Tripleseat is a web app for sales and event management mainly designed for hotels, restaurants, and venues. Furthermore, this software helps to generate leads, do bookings, making contracts, and BEOs.

2. Cvent

The event management software offered by Cvent streamlines and automates the planning process. It helps in booking venues and also provides dashboards & reports for monitoring an event. Furthermore, it simplifies every stage involved in the process of event management.

3. Regpack

This software helps in customizing registration forms for events and also creates unlimited user types. It also helps in checking the guests arriving at an event through mobile devices. Additionally, Regpack provides features like group registration and encrypted payment processing.

4. Eventbrite

This platform helps companies to organize and sell their tickets online. Along with that, it assists people to discover events of their interest. Eventbrite offers various tools to manage an event like ticketing and registration process.

5. Splash

It offers accurate and visible data for effortless management and reporting. Splash is among the next generation event management platform which helps organizers to build in-person, virtual hosting, and hybrid events. It helps event managers to market, scale, and measure their events for seamless management of events.

6. Bizzabo

It is among the most successful event management platforms. It helps in the customization of events through its various features. This platform helps organizers, managers, and event management companies to empower their event and get the maximum returns from it.

Features of event management software

Different software offers different features but there are some common base features in almost every software. Thus, We are listing down some features of event management software:

Booking tickets

Event management software include online registration forms for pre-booking of an event. Under online bookings, organizers can collect personal information and credit card details for maintaining records and booking tickets.


Maintaining a calendar is very important in event management. It helps in reminding the organizers about the important dates of their event. It also helps organizers to plan out multiple events in the longer term.


Budget is the most important part of the event, which carries out every aspect of the event. The event management software helps the organizers to keep a track of their budget and also helps in the allocation of resources.


Marketing an event is a crucial task. It helps in reaching out to the potential guests of the event and aware them of these organized events. The social media market is among the factors which make an event successful.

To sum up

Event management software help organizations to plan and execute an event more successfully and efficiently. There are many tasks involve in making an event successful, be it booking venues, do the marketing work, increase ticket sales of the event, and maintaining guest list & workflow. In addition, these functions can be done by using event management software.

The factors like high demand for increasing insights, utilization of social media advertising, and increasing audience for gamification of events are among the driving factors of the event management software market. However, the difficulty in implementing this software in business and low awareness about this software are restricting the growth of the market.