A brief guide to the different aerials for your home

Jan 6


Edward Nolan

Edward Nolan

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If you live in a residential property where you have television aerials on your roof, then you may have noticed from time to time when the weather is bad you get a bad reception on your television.

This could be because the aerial is being moved which will disrupt your reception. A television aerial is key as it makes your television receive channels.There are many different aerials which have many differences. Take a look at the aerial descriptions and what each aerial is for.The most popular type of aerial is the Yagi aerial which is mounted to a pole that is then fixed to the side or the top of your roof. On the side of the aerial are shorter prongs which are also called elements. The more small elements a Yagi aerial possess the better it picks up signal which is why they are so popular. These aerials are used to transmit analogue television. They used to be popular before the digital switch-over.A grid aerial is another type of aerial which is used to improve people's television reception in areas where they have poor reception. These areas are also known as high gain aerials but do not usually provide Freeview reception.You could choose to have an indoor aerial instead which are generally not used to pick up Freeview signals. These usually only work in areas which do not have many obstacles. There are not many residential properties use indoor aerials for their television signals.Another type of aerial which is used for people who live in poor reception is a Digital High Gain aerial. These aerials have not one but two reflectors and have over 100 elements on them,A brief guide to the different aerials for your home Articles so that it picks up more reception. Digital High gain aerials are more expensive but are great for families who want to watch TV but which live in poor reception areas and would not be able to watch them without this aerial. Aerial installation Oxford could install this kind of TV aerial.There are other alternatives to having these aerials such as a satellite dish which you can have fitted from a number of companies which means you will then have access to many channels. A great feature of satellite television is that you can record many programs and store them on your satellite box so you can watch them whenever you wish.There are many different types of aerials so you should also use a company which has experience in fitting different types of aerials. It may be stressful choosing the correct company, which is why you really should remember to choose a well known firm that has a good reputation. Always make sure that you use a popular company who have not had law suits made against their firm.Choosing a company which has been suggested by a friend If you are still undecided then you should take a trip to your friends home so that you can see the work for yourself.We hope that this information has helped you to find out about on the different television aerials. Reading the article may have helped you to choose the correct article and get the most out of your television, so that you can enjoy it to the full.