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A machine, made to resize the larger size stones or waste materials into smaller is known as Crusher.

An external force is amplified in such machines to reduce larger objects in smaller one like small stones even powder. It also helps in the recycling the waste materials and reducing the size of packaging. They usually fit in the mining equipments.

Jaw Crusher: Built with two jaws where the principal is crashing things by compressive forces. Among two,Guest Posting one is swinging jaw which moves up and down in relation to the stationary one. The object is processed inside the crushing chamber and the mechanism used here is a second class lever. Another name of such crusher is toggle crusher.

Impact Crusher: Horizontal shaft and vertical shaft crushers are two subcategories of Impact one. As the name says, it crushed things by impaction, not by pressure. Crushing object becomes impacted inside the machine with hammers and the desired size comes out from the other side of the machine. This one is best suited for less firmer objects like seeds and also for coals sometimes.

Cone crusher: Stones enter into the crusher through larger opening and come out through a smaller one. As long as they are not fitted with the outer opening, they go through under crushing process. A spindle is placed vertically and moves horizontally from right to left, squeezing the stones to resize. This mechanism is quite similar with gyratory one.

Gyratory Crusher: The easy mechanism of such crusher is someway similar to Jaw and Cone crusher. Here a conical crusher head moves horizontally on a spindle and crushes object running on sides of it. Larger stones enter from the upper end and comes out transformed into smaller and undergone continuous crushing until achieving the required size.


Compound Crusher: Function of compound crusher is nearly resembled to cone and impact crusher. Here, primary and secondary class lever mechanism used which empowers the machine a great crushing ability. So it is used in handling larger, heavier and harder units to reform. Like building materials, and are frequently used in mines.

Ball Mill: Would be best if named as grinder rather than crusher! It mixes materials inside it as well as also makes the size smaller. A good quality one of this is much expensive but has the capability of grinding objects even into 5 mm! Used for chemicals, ores or raw ceramic materials where the crusher spins around a transverse axis.  

VSI Crusher: Improved one where crushing principal is not pressurizing the stones. Rather it throws the stones or rocks with the help of a rotor towards an anvil. The velocity of throwing the stone and the distance of anvil results a perfectly preplanned shaped rock to come out. The advantage of such crusher is the resulted products are shaped and smooth which is not found in others.

Many types are discussed here. These crushers are actually the heart of industrial field. Without them, many industries can’t run a second. Various types have been invented to facilitate the work of crushing the stones and gravels into smaller sizes or even powdered. Now a day, waste materials to facilitate recycling and packaging stores to decrease the size also using many types of them.

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