An Overview Of Features Of The Digital Camera

Jan 18


Roberto Sedycias

Roberto Sedycias

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About a decade ago, digital cameras were an insignia of social status largely due to their heavy price tag. Today, almost anyone is able to afford a digital camera of his choice.

The quality and performance of the new age digital camera is increasing significantly with its improving features enhancing the utility of the sophisticated gadget. In fact the reducing prices of the digital cameras have usher in a dramatic change in the world of photography.

Finding the best buy on a digital camera is directly related to comparing the price and functionality of the sophisticated device. The price of digital camera is proportional to the features available with it.

Mega pixels:

High resolution capacity has made digital camera stand out among various types of cameras. Quality picture is one among the widely discussed areas of photography. Hence,An Overview Of Features Of The Digital Camera Articles professional as well as amateur photographers look for camera that can give satisfactory result. The price of digital camera depends on the resolution capacity.

Usually, 5 to 7 mega pixels of camera resolution are available at an affordable price. If you want to use the pictures for viewing on web pages or emails, you can select the camera with 640-by480 pixel resolution. If you are not into the profession of photography 5-7 mega-pixel resolution digital camera can be best choice in any budget.


Lousy lens of digital camera eliminates all charm of the pictures taken with the highly sophisticated device. To a large extent evaluating the lens of digital camera is really imperative to evaluate the price of the device.

Some of the retailers pursue for plastic lens, but a 100% glass lens can bring you the satisfaction that you want from your digital camera photography experience. If you re looking for a built-in lens, you have to pay some extra bucks for that. Lens is the part that makes difference to the sharpness and general focus of the picture and considerably, influences the price.


The RAM of digital camera decides the storage capacity of the device. The more the RAM the more is the storage capacity, and, eventually, more is the price. Basically, you should opt for digital camera with higher storage capacity as you will not have to delete or shift your existing pictures every time you take newer ones.

Hence, you need to appraise your storage needs in your digital camera and accordingly buy the gadget with the RAM that is affordable for you. The other aspect to consider in a digital camera memory while comparing price is the removable memory along with the built-in memory.


Another topic that is worth considering while evaluating your digital camera price is the accessories that you require. Some of the most important accessories such as cable and image-editing software are indispensable for digital camera and they should include in the overall price of the gadget. If you have to pay extra bucks for that you can`t make the best deal in digital camera.

If you have to purchase such accessories separately, think twice while comparing the price of digital cameras.

Shipping cost:

While purchasing digital camera, make sure that the shipping cost is included with the price of the device. Sometimes, the consumers have to pay hefty amount as shipping cost when they are buying a digital camera on-line.

Apart from the above mentioned points, there are some other areas of consideration while evaluating a digital camera. Compare the optical as opposed to digital and zoom capabilities. Again, while comparing the prices of digital cameras, look for the LCD screen for viewing pictures, a timer, a built-in flash, and a time/date stamp even on the most basic camera.

Digital camera has out performed the traditional camera with its convenience. Again, the price has also contributed to its popularity. So, make your digital camera a device for a life time by paying the best price for the high-utility photography device.