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If you are searching for RAM that will work well with your Ryzen 3700x set up, then my study findings will undoubtedly be of assistance.


Achieving high performance while maintaining stability in RAM is a must while constructing a Ryzen computer.

If you are searching for RAM that will work well with your Ryzen 3700x set up,Guest Posting then my study findings will undoubtedly be of assistance.

After putting hundreds of Ryzen compatible RAM modules through their paces, I've discovered my personal favorites.

And now I'm going to tell you about the eight high-speed RAM modules that are best ram for Ryzen 7 3700x.

Continue reading until the end to learn about the intriguing test findings of these memory modules that were revealed inside their deep evaluations.

In order to get top-notch gaming performance, you must use RAM of the highest possible quality in your gaming PC.

RAM has a positive impact on your system by increasing gaming framerates and allowing for quicker data processing.

In this situation, you must determine whether or not you are exposed to the most advanced RAM currently accessible on the market.

As a die-hard gamer, I look forward to the challenge of creating the finest gaming setup possible. Through this blog, I want to assist you in doing the same by assisting you in selecting the appropriate RAM.

According to my study, I have prepared a list of choices that may prove to be the most appropriate for your gaming setup when all factors are taken into consideration.

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Teamgroup T-force Dark Z

If you're searching for something completely out of the ordinary, this RAM kit is the ideal complement to your AMD Ryzen 3700X CPU, which is the newest generation.

This is what Team group T-force Dark Z has to say about its specifications:

It is designed in the manner of armor.

It has a CAS latency of 18 seconds.

A warranty that lasts for a lifetime

This memory kit seems to be very well-designed. It consists of two 8 GB memory sticks, each of a different size.

It has a memory speed of 3600 MHz, which is very fast. When it comes to the heat spreaders that it possesses, they are constructed of high-grade aluminum.

The armor-like appearance, along with the metallic logo, gives the impression that it is very robust. It gives the impression that you have something with which you may go into battle mode.

The overall structure of the Ram Kit results in improved heat dissipation as a result of the design.

It also works with a voltage of 1.35V, which has been tested.

When used as a RAM, it uses much less power than its rivals.

The overclocking potential is excellent, and what's even better is that it has support for auto overclocking mode.

It is a RAM with an outstanding design, as well as heat spreaders of the highest quality. If it fulfills all of your requirements, go ahead and purchase it.

Corsair Vengeance LPX

Aside from the 16 GB version of Corsair Vengeance LPX, there are many different RAM kits that you may choose for your Ryzen 7 3700X.

The Corsair Vengeance LPX is equipped with some impressive specs, including:

3600 MHz is the maximum speed of the memory.

A value of 1.35 V was measured.

Heat spreaders constructed of aluminum are used.

Aside from the 16 GB version of Corsair Vengeance LPX, there are many different RAM kits that you may choose for your Ryzen 7 3700X.

The Corsair Vengeance LPX is equipped with some impressive specs, including:

3600 MHz is the maximum speed of the memory.

A value of 1.35 V was measured.

Heat spreaders constructed of aluminum are used.

Crucial Ballistic MAX RGB

If you are searching for a memory kit that has a high degree of overclocking potential, then this is the type that you should consider.

The Crucial Ballistic MAX RGB is distinguished by the following characteristics:

Aluminum heat spreaders are used in a variety of applications.

Temperature sensor with high precision

4000 MHz is the maximum speed of the memory.

This module has two 8 GB memory sticks, one of which is included in the price. Each of the modules is constructed entirely of high-quality chips.

Exceptional care has been taken in the manufacture of the heat spreaders. The manner in which they disperse heat is commendably efficient.

The aluminium structure of these spreaders lends substantial support to my assertion.

The matte black color scheme is utilized across the whole set of heat spreaders.

When it comes to the RGB, there are 8 zones that each includes a total of 16 LEDs for illumination. The software support is available to allow for the customization and management of the lighting effects.

As I previously said, this RAM is very well suited for overclocking. This claim of mine becomes more credible since this RAM kit is capable of exceeding 4000 MHz with relative ease when overclocked.

If you're thinking about purchasing this RAM stick for your newest Ryzen 7 CPU, I recommend that you do so without hesitation.

 Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro

As of right now, I have another Corsair RAM kit to share with you, which is likely to be one of the most popular options for your Ryzen 3700X processor.

It is their Vengeance RGB pro, which comes in a 16 GB configuration.

The Corsair Vengeance RGB pro comes with a number of useful features, including:

It has a clock speed of 3600 MHz, which is very fast.

RGB lighting with a dynamic multi-zone effect

The PCB is made to order and stacked.

Each module has a total of ten RGB LEDs.

When it comes to design, I would say that Corsair attempted to be distinctive in the case of this particular model.

Because of their aluminum composition, the heat spreaders have a highly distinctive appearance. The two sticks it has in its arsenal are all in a monochromatic black design.

Both models include a number of vented holes for air to circulate. The most interesting aspect of these slots is that they assist in reflecting the light.

When it comes to RGB lighting, the Corsair ICUe software is in charge of controlling it. You will have the same level of control over settings and patterns that you would have with any other Corsair memory kit in your collection.

The only disadvantage you will encounter with this memory module is that its latency time is below average.

With the aesthetics it adds to your gaming system, this is an excellent RAM kit to consider purchasing.

Buyer's Guide for AMD Ryzen 3700X

Having learned about the ryzen compatible RAM options that are now available on the market, you are in a prime position to make a purchasing choice. What factors should you consider while looking for the best RAM? What are the best RAM brands?

In this particular instance, I have a solution for you.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while purchasing RAM modules for your Ryzen 3700X-powered computer.

RAM memory is a kind of memory that may be used to store information.

One of the most important considerations is the amount of memory that the RAM that you want to purchase has to provide.

Different RAM modules have varying amounts of available memory. The greater the amount of memory available in the RAM, the simpler it is to retrieve data.

Because you are constructing a gaming PC, and specifically one with a Ryzen CPU, you should double-check the RAM amount before purchasing it.

CAS Latency

In the case of RAM, the CAS latency is important since it is the amount of time that elapses between receiving and executing a command.

The speed with which the RAM responds to instruction is determined by the timings set in your memory. The memory speed of a RAM is important, but if the CAS timings are too sluggish, the RAM is of little use. Everything must be in the proper balance.

RAM's Aesthetics

If you want to create a gaming rig that has a high aesthetic value as well as an impressive appearance, then aesthetics are important to consider.

The RGB of the RAM, the design of the RAM, and the materials used in its construction all have a role in deciding how highly the RAM is regarded on an aesthetic level.

Take these considerations into account before making your purchase.

Concluding Remarks

Consequently, these are the most interesting memory modules for the Ryzen 3700X that you will discover on the market.

I attempted to collect the choices among these eight kinds by taking into consideration various purchasing criteria as well as the views of the consumers.

This article is intended to assist you in selecting the most appropriate gaming RAM for your system after reading it. Nonetheless, please let me know if you have any difficulties in the comments section.

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