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Learn about Catholic Home Schooling and the Basic Catholic Home Schooling and Catholic Home Schooling.

Many Catholic parents are uncomfortable with the current school education system. Besides the approach to various subjects with may be contrary to their religious beliefs,Guest Posting many parents feel that the actual importance of religion in life is undervalued. This may even happen at Catholic school where the pressure to produce academic results often forces religious teaching to take second place. One option that parents with these misgiving have before them is the Catholic home school.


Besides the other acknowledged benefits of home school – no long bus rides, learning at the child’s own pace, focus on areas that parents deem important keeping the child’s life goals in mind, Catholic hole school provides 3 more – the opportunity to teach religious values as desired by the parents, keeping their children away from subjects like sex education and birth control and protecting them from undesirable external influences.


There are e few things to keep in mind when setting up a Catholic home school:


  • There are a variety of Catholic home school curricula available. Research them and find one that suits your family. Some are accredited programs that require the students to submit their work regularly and receives grades along with regular report cards and progress reports. These are usually structured around an academic year and require the student to stick to a daily schedule of study. The other option is where lesson plans and course material is provided and it is left to the parents to teach the children at their own pace and their own times. These allow the parents flexibility in their teaching procedure but keep challenging the students. This type of Catholic home school program is better for parents who want to design their own religious teachings with their own focus.
  • Once you have shortlisted a few options, contact them for more information – most will have catalogs and information packs available for sale. This is money well spent as it will help you refine your choice.
  • Visit home school fairs if possible and spend time with the Catholic Home School representatives. Do not hesitate to ask as many questions as you want. Your child’s education is not something you can take lightly.
  • There are consultancy services available that will help you to choose the right kind of Catholic home school for your children.
  • If you want, you can even design your own Catholic home school curriculum. There are books and other resources available on the internet that will help you in doing this. A word of caution – please check your state home schooling laws to ensure that whatever you do in compatible with them.


A Catholic home school will also protect your children from peer and other external influences to indulge in sex, drugs, alcohol and other vices or inappropriate behavior. While this is one of the main reasons for parents deciding to go in for a Catholic home school, care should be taken to ensure that the children are also given enough opportunity to socialize with others of their age group. Parents often tend to over look that fact that later on in life the children will be exposed to much that is negative in life. While a Catholic home school will give them the fundamental to withstand this pressure, it should not come as a sudden assault on their sensibilities. A gradual conditioning to external influences, both positive and negative, it the best solution for children educated in a Catholic home school.

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