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There are many exchanges across the globe. coinbase is a most secured exchange website. It was launched in 2102 and founded by brian armstrong and fred ehrsam. It is supported in more than 33 countries. Their major product is global digital asset exchange and user facing retail broker. They have some security features in their exchange website. You can launch your own exchange trading platform like coinbase. By using the coinbase clone script.

In today's modern world,Guest Posting startups and entrepreneurs are marching towards cryptocurrencies. There are many cryptocurrencies across the globe. We can buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies only by cryptocurrency exchanging websites.

One can easily launch the exchange platform like Binance, local bitcoins using the bitcoin exchange software. You can also launch an exchange platform similar to coinbase exchange using the coinbase clone script.

In this blog, let us discuss the coinbase exchange website in detail.

What is a coinbase?  

Coinbase is an exchange platform where you can buy, sell, exchange or convert into digital assets. It is one of the best and traditional exchange websites across the globe. In the year 2012, coinbase exchange was founded by brian armstrong and fred ehrsam. The headquarters of coinbase is located in San Francisco, United States of America, and California. 

Coinbase exchange is supported in more than 33 countries across the world. Till now Europe tops in the coinbase exchange. It was launched first as a crypto wallet to store and receive any cryptocurrencies online. Later it became a bitcoin broker platform to sell and buy cryptocurrencies. In 2017 coinbase exchange platform became the largest and prominent exchange platform across the world.

What are coinbase products?

Coinbase provides you two products, they are

  • Global Digital Asset Exchange(GDAE)
  • User facing retail broker

The global digital asset exchange is a platform where you can trade a variety of digital assets. It is the main product delivered by the coinbase. Another product is a user-facing retail broker for various cryptocurrencies, such as

  1. Bitcoin 
  2. Bitcoin cash
  3. Ether
  4. Ethereum classic
  5. Litecoin for fiat currency

Not only these two products. They also provide API for the developers to create applications and accept the payment of both the currencies. Coinbase users are available in more than 33 countries across the globe. Coinbase exchange announced that we have ERC20 token support in march 2018. So they also have ERC20 token support in their exchange platform.

 Coinbase exchange provides some of the features for both the traders and users, they are

  • Crypto wallet storage
  • Cryptocurrency trading
  • Developer API
  • Accepting bitcoin in 5 minutes
  • Bitcoin payment button
  • Conversion of prices into bitcoin
  • Convert cryptocurrency to customer currency

If you are a user in coinbase exchange platform you should follow some rules for security purpose, they are

  1. Coinbase exchange checks the users or traders email address and mobile number
  2. You should enter your personal information like name, dob, address, pincode
  3. After entering personal details, you should enter bank details and credit/debit card details.
  4. At last, you should submit the identity information such as government verified documents, tax identification number, etc.

What is a coinbase clone script?

Coinbase clone script is a source code that is used to launch an exchange platform similar to coinbase exchange. It has all the existing and advanced features of coinbase exchange platform. 

We know that coinbase is a US-based cryptocurrency exchange platform. Coinbase has both the centralized and decentralized exchange in their trading platform. So by using the coinbase clone script, you can build an exchange platform instantly.

Benefits of using coinbase clone script:

  • Fiat currency deposit and withdrawal options
  • Mobile and online wallet services
  • Fast and secure transfer
  • User-friendly exchange platform
  • You can perform both centralized and decentralized exchange
  • Two-factor authentication and multi-signature security option to avoid unauthorized manipulation funds.

Some of the desirable feature we integrate into our coinbase clone script:

  • Trader console
  • Admin console
  • Payment gateway integrated
  • Cryptocurrency wallet integration
  • Liquidity API
  • Atomic swaps
  • Intuitive UI/UX
  • Integrated IEO launchpad
  • Security token exchange integration

Where can you buy coinbase clone scripts?

Coinsclone is a world-class bitcoin exchange software provider. You can launch your exchange platform instantly similar to a coinbase exchange website using our coinbase clone script. By using our coinbase clone script you can get enormous amounts of profits.

If you are interested in launching an exchange platform similar to coinbase. We people in Coinsclone will assist you to get bug free coinbase clone scripts at low cost.

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