Dish Networks Programming Paks Are Americas Top

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Dish Network offers america’s Top programming packs.

The one big thing that you are going to have to do before you sign on with a programming service provider is decide on one of their programming packages. All programming service providers are not the same and neither are their programming packages. Each programming service provider puts together their programming packages so that they each have the unique style of the particular service provider.

Some more than others may appeal to you,Guest Posting because of their particular blend of programming and also because of the price of the programming package. The people at Dish Network have put together the Americas Top series of programming packages and they think that they have come up with the best balance of programming and price that allows you to have the best choices available when you make your selection.

They are particularly proud of their base level Americas Top 60 package, because it is the new family member that is the future of Dish Network. The Americas Top 60 package allows the person who is on a budget the opportunity to begin enjoying Dish Network satellite TV programming and still have a great selection of choices in the programming that they receive.

The Disney Channel, ESPN, ESPN2, The Discovery Channel, MTV, CMT, and TNT are all in this great entry level programming package, as well as so many other great programs that you might already be familiar with. This programming package is truly long on programming and short on price.

The next level up in programming package choices is the Americas Choice Plus package and it is essentially the Americas Top 60 package with thirty more programming channels stacked onto it. It’s still a budget package, but it just comes with more programming to choose from.

Just up from there is the Americas Top 120 package and like the name suggests it has one-hundred and twenty channels. Some of the programs that are added on to create this package are Animal Planet, American Movie Classics, The Independent Film Channel, Turner Classic Movies and so much more. With this package you will defiantly be using the custom menu function on your receiver to help you manage all the programming choices that you will have.

Up on the ladder from that is the Americas Top 180 programming package and you will have to guess how many channels it has in it. This package comes with even more great programming choices for you to select from when you sit down to watch TV. National Geographic, The Outdoor Channel, The Western Movie Channel and too many more to mention are all here in this package.

Up from that is the Americas Everything Pak and it contains a whopping two-hundred and thirty channels of stellar programming for you to select from. Cinimax, Starz Superpak, HBO, Showtime Unlimited are in this package along with thirty-one commercial free premium movie channels. So take a good look at what Dish network has to offer and compare them to other programming service provider’s packages and you will see the difference in quality, quantity and price.

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