Free satellite TV; is it for real?

Aug 26


Jawahn Thompson

Jawahn Thompson

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When it comes to free satellite tv, learn what's free and what isn't.

Household expenses are rising rapidly as inflation continues to soar,Free satellite TV; is it for real? Articles so the savvy consumer looks to find every possible discount and free offer for services used on a regular basis.  One way to save a lot of money from your monthly budget is to investigate options to save money on the service that probably offers the most entertainment value for your family: satellite TV.  There are several different alternatives available in today’s marketplace to obtain free satellite TV for your home, and all options should be carefully considered to ensure that your money is spent most frugally.When looking into free satellite TV options, three main choices are available:  accessing free satellite TV using your PC, obtaining free equipment and installation and paying for monthly services thereafter, or paying for satellite equipment and then tapping into free satellite TV feeds.  Before deciding which alternative is best for your household, you should first evaluate your expectations of satellite TV and then match those expectations to what option will best fit.  Although each portion offers a significant part of your satellite TV service for free, each also comes at a cost as well.  After weighing those costs versus your expectations, you’ll make the best possible decision.Free satellite TV is available through the internet with the installation of an inexpensive satellite card and high speed internet service to sustain the connection required to receive a satellite feed.  This free satellite TV option actually provides better reception and a clearer picture than satellite to TV signals.  Because your computer will decode the satellite signal using your installed satellite card digitally, the quality remains undiminished from the source to your computer.  This is an enhancement over satellite to TV reception, where the digital signal is decoded through an analog tuner.  This option might be best for you if you anticipate using your computer for a majority of your television viewing.  This is also a great option for portability – you can continue to watch your satellite feed when traveling, and moving will no longer carry the hassle of having your equipment and service transferred to a new location.  The cost outlay for this option is simply the purchase of a satellite card and any associated software, allowing free satellite TV services that you can enjoy anywhere and often.Free satellite TV through your computer isn’t the right choice for every situation.  Limited screen sizes as well as slower refresh rates may make you wish for a service that utilizes the television sets your family already owns.  Because there are two options for free satellite TV, you have to decide whether you would like to make an initial outlay of money to obtain the equipment necessary, or save that initial outlay and pay for monthly service fees.If you are interested in paying a bit of money upfront to obtain the necessary equipment to receive satellite signals to your television set, you can save quite a bit of money in the long run on monthly service frees.  After selecting and installing the equipment of your choice, there are a number of free-to-air signals you can pick up for your viewing pleasure.  There are limitations on this system of free satellite television, however.  First, different types of satellite equipment pick up different types of signals, and consequently, different satellite feeds.  The most common satellite dishes in use include the C-Band dishes made popular several decades ago that are several feet in diameter and typically planted in cement in your backyard; and the more updated and much smaller Ku-Band dishes that are typically fastened to a portion of your house that provides a clear view of the sky.  Many of the channels available through the free satellite TV services you can view after buying and installing your own equipment are Ethnic, Christian or local broadcast in nature.Finally, the most loaded option for free satellite TV is signing up for free equipment and installation services and then paying a monthly service free for exactly the channels you want.  The equipment and installation services are often the most expensive part of satellite television service, running hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on the number of areas in your home that need to be wired.  Taking advantage of free satellite TV offers to place equipment in your house without charge can save your family significant amounts of money.  Signing up for the related services, even with a monthly service charge, will give your family the most versatility in getting the channels you most often watch.Free satellite TV can keep your family entertained for many hours, but making the correct choice for your family will make that entertainment both cost-effective and more enjoyable.  By evaluating your channel, versatility and portability needs and options, your informed decision will positively impact the decision you make on which free satellite TV offer is best for your home.