How do Mobile Applications accelerate the growth of Businesses?

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Mobile Applications helps businesses to streamline workflow, connect in a better way with their customers, and amplify sales. As such, investment in developing mobile apps plays a vital role in augmenting business growth. 

“The year 2020 has witnessed 3.5 billion smartphone users globally!” - states a survey conducted by Oberlo. Moreover,Guest Posting this figure has been predicted to shoot up to 3.8 billion by 2021. Furthermore, most of these smartphone users spent 89 % of their mobile media time indulging in mobile applications and only 11 % on websites. Needless to say, the modern-era customers prefer a mobile application for any product or service they require. Therefore, business owners can no longer afford to neglect the importance of hiring a mobile app development company to create a visually appealing app, decked up with rich features for their business. Smart entrepreneurs have started leveraging the benefits of technological innovations! Are you one of them?

The Digital revolution has unfolded a wide spectrum of opportunities for the growth and prosperity of businesses! You must be wondering how! This write-up will enlighten you about the myriad benefits, mobile application development ushers into your business.

Key Advantages of Mobile Applications to Businesses

Brand Appreciation

A mobile application is the most effective medium to advertise your brand and create awareness amongst the target users about the services offered. This can be done by putting up a beautifully designed company logo, opting for customer-centric designs, choosing the best name for mobile apps, illustrating how your brand stands out from the rest through slogans, etc. This will create a lasting impression in the minds of the users leading to more and more customers opting for your products and services. Visibility, being a key factor for brand recognition, will provide you a competitive edge over other businesses that have not yet adopted this business strategy. 

Enriching Customer Service Experience

The optimized device features of mobile apps make way for more enjoyable user experience. The users can easily communicate with the businesses regarding their concerns, issues, queries, or feedback from the comfort of their homes and get it resolved at the earliest. Most enterprise applications offer round-the-clock services to ensure an enriching UX.

Enhanced Sale due to Geo-location integration

The geo-location technology proves advantageous to businesses in the following ways:

  • It enables businesses to attract customers within close vicinity by rolling out promotional offers and discount schemes.
  • The business can be discovered easily by customers close to the location, looking for services or products via smartphones.

As a result, the business experiences elevate sales figures.

A tool to promote business

Mobile applications enable businesses to provide personalized offers to customers as per their preference, inform them about special rates on a specific date, and send product specifications via push notifications. At times, customers are gifted with coupons or reward points depending on how frequently they make a purchase. These customized offers and loyalty programs pave the way for the repetition of sales orders and customer retention.

Garnering customer requirement

Acquiring real-time user feedback and collection of customer requirement data through certain user-specific insights like location, preference, demographics, purchasing habits, etc. helps the companies to define their objectives more accurately and provide better services to their target users.

Convenient payment options

Mobile app payment gateway technologies offer convenient options to customers. Transactions through credit or debit cards and digital wallets prove to be hassle-free and are executed within seconds, thereby stimulating the users to purchase more.

Greater revenue generation

As per reports by, 35.4% of the sales on Black Friday took place through mobile devices. Mobile apps are indeed powerful marketing tools to generate revenue! So, launching a mobile app besides having a responsive website is sure to enhance customer experience and consequently boost sales. For instance, the release of the Domino’s Pizza App in the UK had shot up their online sales by 28%.

Better Customer/Employee Engagement

Enterprise mobile apps and other app-driven communication channels are highly advantageous as they facilitate:

  • Real-time collaboration between business partners, customers, and employees.
  • Employee engagement via online training sessions for greater outputs. 
  • Optimize the workflow of the company by enabling the employees to work from flexible locations, automate certain back-office tasks, etc.

In a nutshell

Mobile Applications have transformed customer interaction with businesses and brands altogether. A well-crafted mobile app is the best business strategy to provide better services to customers, accelerate the profit margins, and compete with other market players. This is the reason why enterprises across all major sectors are hiring mobile app developers for creating mobile solutions for their products and services.

Looking for a top-notch mobile solution for augmenting your business growth? Well then, contact Biz4solutions, a noteworthy mobile app development company, experienced in providing outstanding solutions to worldwide clients.

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