What is ETD control centre and How to remove it

Nov 5




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Here is the complete guide on What is ETD control centre and How to remove it


Basically ETD control centre stands for Elan Trackpad Device Control Center. It is a type of software that is created by ELAN Microelectronics company. The application works in the form of an extension that is “etdctrl.exe” through the task manager. The extension file can be discovered in the subfolder of Windows catalogue or else you can also detect it in C: program. People who are using laptops must be aware of the program. The application is pre-installed on the laptops for additional touchpad features. 

ETD control centre provides some additional features to the touchpad of your laptop. One of the best features provided by ETD control centre is using multi-finger operation. Multi Finger operation is used in the smartphones so if you use the ETD control center it will enable the functionality of multi-finger operation. 

Although the ETD control centre is useful for the users who work on Laptop as it offers various features to laptop’s touchpad so that they can work on Laptop with ease. But sometimes it is found by the users that it takes high CPU usage and they also detect viruses that are caused by the ETD control centre. Most of the people raise questions about what is the use of ETD control centre and is it necessary to have the application in our Laptop. People also ask the question that this application can be installed or removed from the laptop,What is ETD control centre and How to remove it Articles is it safe to delete the ETD control centre from the system? If you are one of them then don’t worry in this article you will know about the ETD control centre usage in the laptop and how you can remove or disable the application. 

How to remove ETD control centre

You can remove the ETD control centre even without misplacing your touchpad features. It will stop the program from running automatically while starting the computer. To do so you need to follow some steps which are given below:


  • Hold windows + R key to open the run dialog box
  • Type “taskmgr” in the box and hit the enter key
  • In the next screen click on startup option that is given on the top of the page
  • Now, select “ETD control centre” on the next page
  • Click on disable option which is given in the right side of the page’s bottom
  • Shut the task manager 
  • Now the ETD control centre is completely incapacitating and will not automatically launch when you start your system. 

There is another way to disable the ETD control centre. You need to follow the steps:

  • Hold Ctrl + shift +Esc key to launch Task manager
  • Navigate Startup and select ETD control centre
  • Right-click on ETD control centre icon and select disable the option 
  • Now restart your laptop to complete the process

Apart from disabling the ETD control centre, you can also use other methods to fix the errors associated with the ETD control centre. Some of the methods are:

Delete the ETD control center

If you don’t want to disable the ETD control centre you can also uninstall it completely. You can delete the program by following some steps:


  • Hit on the Windows key and navigate control panel
  • Open the programs file
  • Search for ETD control centre 
  • Select the uninstall option to uninstall the program from a laptop
  • Hold for sometimes until the process of uninstallation complete 
  • Now restart your laptop 

Above mentioned are some of the methods through which you can uninstall the ETD control centre from your laptop or disable the ETD control centre touchpad. It will prevent you from the high CPU resources usage and viruses occurring due to the pre-installed software.