How Facebook snags your business?

Jan 29


Ceena Thomas

Ceena Thomas

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"Powerful marketing tool when utilized in the right way..."


Facebook is a worldwide social network with more than a billion active users. It is a socialized network with interactive daily users who share their photos, How Facebook snags your business? Articles videos and frequent posts. Facebook encapsulates both the individuals and businesses. Most of the small business benefits from Facebook as a form of gaining reputation and consider it as a cost-effective way to interact with their customers.

Facebook has become an important platform for both small scale and large scale industries to market their product or service. The business developers should analyze and ascertain their objectives before developing a Facebook page for their business. Firstly, they should determine their target audience based on the product or service. Second, whether the Facebook page is to generate traffic or to sell a product. Finally, the company should keep an individual to maintain their Facebook page and interact with their online clients.

Only because of the reason Facebook is famous, it doesn’t mean that Facebook has no pitfalls. Every technology has its own adverse effects. Some of the drawbacks of using Facebook as a marketing tool in business development.

Fail to reach the target audience :

Facebook has a billion of active users who enter Facebook on a daily basis. They join several groups to get updated with the current happenings, maybe its an entertainment group, health group, property group or several other business related groups. A company aims at creating a business group in Facebook for their company, but apart from the list of close friends and family friends others will not not be interested in your business group. The Business group will offer limited control and no statistical feedback, so it is difficult to find whether you’re meeting the target audience.

Consistent promotion :

Once the company has set up a Facebook page, a 24X7 support staff is essential to frequently monitor the Facebook page and to interact with the end-users. The Facebook page should be updated with the current service or product of your company that attracts more clients to your business. Only if consistent promotion is done, your Facebook page will be active and becomes an advantage for the business development or else it’s a simple page that’s of no use to the development of a company.

Brand Reputation :

The company should maintain a reputation policy for themselves. Since it’s a world wide network anybody can give a negative review on the company’s product or service that can spoil the brand identity of a company. In such situations you cannot opt to delete the comment instead the company should provide a service to rectify the problems faced by the clients.

Hefty budget :

Facebook requires a comparably higher budget to carry out the advertising and marketing of a company. Facebook is a costly investment for small enterprises because marketing includes video product demonstrations, online contests or interactive forums which should be created, uploaded and monitored by the business staff or any social media marketing agency. Facebook ads also play a vital role in increasing the number of views. A reasonable cost is essential to activate the Facebook advertising.

Delayed ROI :

Social media marketing is a slow process to reach your expected customers. Facebook advertising and marketing is just an initiative to generate leads, but it’s not possible to achieve a beneficial ROI within a short span. Since it’s a long term process, the company can expect only a delayed ROI. It may take around a few months to a year, to gain loyal customers and increased sales from Social media optimization service.

Heavy Competition :

Facebook has a lot of users and it’s flooded with continuous ads. It’s a tight competition and hard to stand out from the crowd. Most of the business development companies have a Facebook page and attracts users by creating impressive ads. The same ad can be copied by your competitor because it’s easy to access the contents and reused by the visitors. Duplication of content is a major disadvantage in Facebook marketing.

Conclusion :

Based on the number of users, Facebook is a powerful social network. Facebook can benefit your business only with the help of utilizing it in the correct way. The business owners should focus on utilizing the Facebook applications in an innovative way to generate leads and increase their sales. Social media optimization service should follow unique methods to stand out from the crowd and optimize new age techniques to establish a strong web presence.